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Introducing the Strap-Changing Multi-Tool by worn&wound

Here at worn&wound, we’re never entirely fulfilled. We see things and get things done and think…hmmm, how might we improve that? Hell, that’s most likely why we began this business in the first place… So we’re continually planning and growing new items just as refining our current ones. We likewise endeavor to make the entirety of our items remarkable, separating them from the industry.


Today, we’re eager to declare our most up to date innovation, the Strap-Changing Multi-Tool . We took our exceptionally mainstream covered tie changing tool and overhauled it to add greater usefulness, without making it bigger or bulkier. We likewise added an extraordinary w&w contort. We experienced numerous emphasess and models of this plan, refining everything from the cap length to the tip steel, to how everything comes together. We likewise contacted some watchmaker companions of our own in the business, who counseled on our thoughts and assisted us with refining the end result. We’re now glad to say it may very well be the best tie changing tool we’ve tried.

The tool comprises of two covered closures, making it protected to toss in your pack, a knurled body for simple hold and two reversible pieces. On each tore into you have one standard lash changing tip for spring bars, a poker or a fork, just as a little flathead screwdriver. Utilize the poker for penetrated hauls, the fork for standard carries, and screwdrivers for carry bars, bezels, wristband joins, or any place they may appear.

The bits fit in the tool body safely, each highlighting a hexagonal shape to forestall pivot and an elastic o-ring to pop them set up. To switch a piece, just handle the edge that is situated towards the tip, haul it out, flip it around and push it back in. They fit set up with a consoling pop.

Combining a poker, fork and screwdrivers into one compact tool as of now sets our tie evolving multi-tool in front of others, yet the genuine creation lies in the body of the tool. On certain events, having two screwdrivers is essential for eliminating a haul bar, so our multi-tool parts fifty-fifty, changing into two tools, one for supporting, the other for turning. Besides, now and again having two tools is essentially better compared to making them permit, you to rapidly change between tips. This is the primary tie changing tool to do this, and we’re glad to say we planned and created it ourselves.

On top of usefulness, we likewise made the Strap-Changing Multi-Tool extremely polished. It’s made of silk dark hard-anodized aluminum, and in spite of being loaded with highlights, is a straightforward, watchful chamber. It fits well in the hand, with the unobtrusive knurling surface adding hold. It likewise fits consummately into one of our watch move tool pockets, making it simple to convey when voyaging or store securely at home.

Every watch proprietor needs a tie changing tool and our new Strap-Changing Multi-Tool was intended to cover the entirety of your lash evolving needs. Accessible now for $30 at shop.wornandwound.com .