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Introducing the Lebois & Co. Avantgarde Date

Watch brands launched on Kickstarter are very common nowadays. It appears like everyone is utilizing the group subsidizing stage to back their watches, for better or in negative ways. Our objective has consistently been to carry the most awesome aspect the bundle to our readers, and today is the same. We’re eager to present the re-launch of a mostly secret company, Lebois & Co., and their lead model–the Avantgarde Date. 

First, some foundation. Lebois & Co. was established in 1934 by Raymond Dodane of the renowned Dodane watchmaking family (known essentially for their eponymous watch brand). In 1947, Lebois and Co. was offered to an Italian merchant, who at the time zeroed in on deals predominantly in Italy with assembling centered in Switzerland (remembering some for the Dodane industrial facility). By the mid 1970s, nonetheless, the company, as so numerous others, shut its entryways and disappeared from recent memory. 

A year prior, in any case, Tom van Wijlick, a watch vendor by profession, and his accomplice Eveline chose to resurrect the long-dead brand, coincidentally a long time since its underlying establishing. Their adoration for the company started when the two of them saw a vintage Lebois & Co. chronograph sell at auction. Captivated by the piece and the brand that bore it, the two committed themselves to taking the brand back to its wonder days, zeroing in on quality components and Swiss assembling. However, they required seed money to do as such. That’s where Kickstarter came in.

The leader model for the re-launch of Lebois & Co. is the Avantgarde Date, a watch that follows authentic models yet is generally designed and worked to present day standards. The tempered steel case comes in at a respectable 40mm, and with a thickness of only 10.5mm the Avantgarde Date will slip directly under your shirt sleeve. At the core of the watch is an ETA-2824, a demonstrated workhorse. To cover everything off is a sapphire precious stone and an inherent water-resistance of 100m. 

The Avantgarde Date will come in 3 variations, each restricted to 100 pieces, however only one style–white dial with blue and red accents–is accessible to sponsor of the Kickstarter lobby. The case back will feature an etching showing that this is a restricted edition piece commemorating the re-launch of the brand. When backing the task, you can inquire about a preferred production number. 

The dial of the Avantgarde Date is extremely alluring, and however I’ve only seen 2D renders and not a completed item, I should say that I am impressed with the idea and attention to detail that’s gone into the design hitherto. The dial features applied record hour markers along the external edge of the dial, with a more modest inner ring representing the minutes track through Arabic numerals. Red and blue are utilized as complement colors, with blue being the essential color and red reserved for the seconds hand and the hour marker. 

There are various other really interesting design components on the watch. The dial is really tiered, with the brand name and “AUTOMATIC” encased within a depressed circle at the focal point of the dial.  The date window–a common purpose of contention on numerous watches–is splendidly positioned along the minutes track, which holds it back from eating into the 3 o’clock marker. The date wheel additionally has all the earmarks of being custom, with promotional pictures showing an adapted “3.” 

For a promise of 975/$1,075, you can get your hands on an Avantgarde Date, planned to be ready by September 2015. In all actuality, the cost of the Avantgarde Date is considerably higher than what you may discover with most group supported watches, yet they’re additionally one of the couple of undertakings I’ve seen utilizing ETA developments and assembling in Switzerland. 

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