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Introducing the Avant, Gallant, and Visionary Collections from Zelos Watches

Zelos has made a sprinkle on Kickstarter effectively subsidizing various watch projects, among them the Helmsman , Chroma , Abyss and Cosmos . All have been conveyed to fulfilled clients around the planet, establishing Zelos’ strong history among watch devotees. Zelos is back indeed on the crowdfunding scene with their most recent delivery that is, as of this composition, effectively well past the brand’s subsidizing objectives. The watches in this mission are inexactly founded on similar by and large plan and fall into three models: The Visionary, The Gallant and The Avant.

The Visionary features a dial made of shooting star, a material Zelos has utilized previously. Utilizing shooting star for the dial implies no two will look precisely similar. The Gallant runs with a comparative tasteful, sans the fascinating material decision. Here we have strong tones all things being equal, accessible in white and what resembles charcoal gray.


Finally, the Avant is, as the name infers, the most unique of these new deliveries. A few attributes persist, among them the inward bezel, hands and hour markers, however past that it has an alternate look from the other two. The dial features various layers, subtleties and surfaces that are difficult to articulate, however the look isn’t generally very disparate from what we see from brands like SEVENFRIDAY and Klynt (which we inspected yesterday). It looks practically cutting edge, and it’s marginally skeletonized to offer a look into the development under. The Avant is accessible basically in one tone with either rose gold or hardened steel accents.

The three models share specs across the case. It estimates 40mm in distance across, 11mm thick with 20mm carries. The seriously downturned carries feature sharp edges and hard lines; this normally tempers the carry to-haul distance, which implies the watch will probably wear somewhat more modest than 40mm. Generally speaking, it’s a genuinely basic case–especially given some of Zelos’ past models–but it fits the picked dial plans well.

Zelos is offering an alluring Swiss-made bundle here, and the new contributions will feature either an ETA 2824 or a Selitta SW200. As per Zelos, the producer will rely upon the accessibility of the stockpile at the hour of production.


Pricing for the assortment begins at $299 and $349 (contingent upon the variation) for the Gallant arrangement, $349 for the Avant arrangement and $459 for the Visionary arrangement. These costs are about $300 to $350 off the normal retail.

Zelos keeps on hanging out in the crowdfunding watch game, working with intriguing materials (Damascus steel, meteorite, bronze and metal) and advancing plans that, while likely not everyone’s cup of tea, at any rate attempt to be something beyond the cutout Kickstarter watch that we are all around acquainted with. Did Zelos hit the imprint with this one? Enough individuals assume so–the project was completely financed inside 30 minutes of it going live. The current mission will end on March 31st, 2017 at 5:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time). Expected conveyance for the watches is September, 2017. You can get the full once-over on The Avant, The Gallant and The Visionary on Kickstarter .