June 16, 2021 0 Comments Best Replica Magic

Introducing Oceano and Emerald Model 2 Shell Cordovan Straps by worn&wound

One more week, another worn&wound shop declaration! Today, we’re truly eager to present two new and astounding tones to our assortment of Model 2 Shell Cordovan ties: Oceano and Emerald. For those new to shell cordovan, here’s a fast groundwork: shell cordovan is viewed as one of the best intriguing cowhides on the planet. It’s an equine cowhide (horse) not cow-like, and really is a subcutaneous layer under the skin, directly over the hip. It’s a minuscule territory, with each shroud just being a couple of square feet, versus the almost 50 sqft of an ordinary ox-like cover up. What makes it so extraordinary is that it’s at the same time extreme, having almost no stretch in any event, when slim, yet exquisite, having a stunning waxy sheen. As shell breaks in, it acquires an unequaled graceful surface. Shell Cordovan is extremely uncommon as well, with a couple of tanneries overall making it. Our own is sourced from Comipel in Italy and is 100% vegetable tanned.


Blue ties add a ton of character to your wrist, and are an incredible highlight to your outfit. Oceano is perhaps the most dazzling blues we’ve at any point seen on a cowhide. It’s a brilliant Mediterranean blue with a trace of green. It’s a relieving shading that perfectly highlights watches with warm tones and different blues, truly making them pop. We finish the Oceano with blue-green, plaited waxed cotton cord.


Green is one of our number one tie tones, being a decent, however unobtrusive choice to brown. Emerald is a rich, dull green that radiates extravagance. The smooth green inclines toward the yellow side, giving it a characteristic, lush quality. This normally matches with anything military, yet in addition works effectively bringing out matured lume. The Emerald is highlighted with a light green plaited waxed cotton cord.

Both Oceano and Emerald are accessible now in 18, 20 and 22mm for $89. Snatch one today at shop.wornandwound.com