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Introducing High Craft Watch Straps by worn&wound

Throughout the most recent couple of years, we’ve took in a great deal about making watch lashes. A couple of months prior, we delivered our Model 2 Premium and Classic ties , which were developments on our current plans. We pushed the style, quality and life span of these ties in to new domain. In spite of the fact that evaluated considering esteem, we felt they effortlessly competed with lashes valued at $100 – $150. All in all, we pondered internally, what might occur in the event that we put it all out there? What could we achieve?

So for our new High Craft arrangement , we set out to make another norm for American-made watch ties. We needed to push the limits of value, tastefulness and comfort that were attainable, zeroing in available made subtleties and craftsmanship, saving no expense.


Each tie is toiled over by a group of exceptionally talented specialists and ladies working in the core of NYC’s piece of clothing area. Changing crude materials into refined ties is a cycle that makes numerous strides, each requiring mastery. Despite the fact that a couple of machines are utilized simultaneously, most of the specialty is finished by hand, regardless of whether as accurately diminishing territories of the cowhide with a blade to make consistent advances or making each opening with a mallet and punch for clean edges or tying and singing each bunch for security. Us that the lashes actually had a hand-showed up, maintaining a strategic distance from an excessively sterile or commercial feel. The outcome is a watch lash that at the same time has the roughness expected of American-made products and the refinement wanted for the best of time pieces.

In terms of plan, the High Craft arrangement combines the best components of our current ties into a profoundly finessed idea. From our Model 2 Premium, we’ve utilized our primary, vegetable-tanned coating cowhide, sourced from the Wickett & Craig tannery in Pennsylvania. This gives each tie a solid center that opposes stretch, gives a comfortable, impartial surface to lean against your skin, and ensures the tie will break in perfectly, embellishment to your wrist shape. We combine that calfskin with stylish top cowhides sourced from a portion of the world’s best tanneries, like Chicago’s Horween, giving us unlimited choices for shading and texture.

Next, we’ve pulled the etched molding of the Model 1 to make an unparalleled feel and stunning structure. Some watch ties out there are loaded down with froth or different fillers. Our own are 100% calfskin. These ties are hand etched through an interaction called skyving to make a tie that is thicker in the middle, tightening as it arrives at an edge. This gives the tie a firm, yet graceful surface with a thin and exquisite edge, which is then painstakingly painted with numerous layers of complementary tone and a reasonable defensive layer.

Our first plan under the High Craft moniker is the Vintage line, which is characterized by a 4mm shape and clean line join. Estimating 120mm on the opening side and 75mm on the clasp side, they are measured to accommodate a wide scope of wrists. The streaming lines of the profile give a sensational look and a light vibe, while additionally taking into account the utilization of vintage clasps to coordinate your number one watches. For our tip, we went with a slight minor departure from the English point we commonly use, making a more modest, more unobtrusive end. The ties are done with a solitary guardian in a complementary color.

For our underlying contribution of High Craft – Vintage lashes we have four uncommon colors:


Previously just utilized on our Model 1’s, Rye is a beautiful, splendid tan Chromexcel cowhide sourced from Horween. Named for one of our number one assortments of bourbon, Rye has an energetic, nectar earthy colored shading that unobtrusively changes under pressure as oils move around its surface, making a unique appearance. For the edges and column fasten we utilized dull earthy colored to draw out the tone inside. Give the Rye a shot game watches to add some tone and on watches with traces of gold.


The foundation of any tie assortment, a decent dark tie is a go to for a smooth and at times formal choice. Interestingly, we’ve utilized Horween’s Black Chromexcel, a well known cowhide that you’ll find on probably the best shoes and boots, like the Wolverine 1000 Miles. We picked the dark Chromexcel to make a lash with an even surface, profound and dull tone and slick sheen. We kept this lash the manner in which Agent Dale Cooper takes his espresso: “black as 12 PM on a moonless night,” with coordinating edges and line. Dark goes with everything, so mess with combos.

Saffron Suede

Another first for us, for the High Craft – Vintage we’ve sourced a couple of long-rest softened cowhides from Horween. The sort of softened cowhides with unpleasant, eccentric surfaces, making profoundly powerful lashes. We’ve named Saffron after the flavor in its crude structure, which has an appealing consumed red tone. The whirls of snooze make pockets of more obscure and more splendid reds, continually moving for the duration of the day. For the edge paint, we went with a dull red/earthy colored to compliment the softened cowhide, while with the line, we went with dim dark for contrast. For the guardian, we utilized our Crimson calfskin, playing off of the dim reds inside. Saffron is not normal for any tone we’ve experienced previously, having a great time, unforeseen outcomes with various watches. Anything with blues or reds will be a characteristic fit, as will a watch with some tropical aging.

Sage Suede

Our second long-snooze softened cowhide, likewise from Horween, is a pale dark with a trace of delicate green we’ve named Sage. Another through and through new tone for us, Sage has immediately become a group top choice. The light tone is beguiling, now and again seeming like dry mid-dark, and at others having a cool, minty quality. The long-rest gives it a plenitude of surface, with colors moving from more obscure to lighter shades. For the edges and line fasten, we went with charcoal dark to cut the lash down a couple of tones, while for the manager, we utilized our Moss tone to add more green in with the general mish-mash. Sage looks incredible with everything, except reacts especially well to titanium or matte cases, light green lume and white dials.

Designed and made by worn&wound in New York City, the High Craft ties address another benchmark for extravagance watch lashes. Accessible now on shop.wornandwound.com in 18, 20 and 22mm for $150.