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Introducing Di-Modell Straps to the W&W Shop

Enthusiastic perusers of worn&wound will realize that we have an affection for German watches. Sinn, Damasko, Archimede, Defakto, Nomos… to give some examples, all offer better compared to average form quality, highlights from solidified steel to produce developments and at shockingly open costs. Indeed, similar to watches, Germans have particular talent with watch straps that couple of can coordinate. Demanding subtleties, incredible completion and extraordinary solidness are largely signs of the couple of German lash marks out there.

Today, we are satisfied to report that we are bringing into the worn&wound shop a couple of select straps by Di-Modell; the Chronissimo and the Pilot. Di-Modell, who are situated in Tauberbischofsheim, similar to a portion of the brands they are supply straps as well, are known for their strongly over designed and incredibly rough game straps. The two we are at first bringing into the shop epitomize this and are straps we have by and by worn on our looks for some time.

Chronissimo $89

These are the hardest, most rough straps we’ve at any point seen. They are to watch straps what solidified steel is to watch cases; a resolute layer of security. This isn’t a lash, it’s wrist protection. The Chronissimos have numerous highlights most straps just dream of:

  • Notched carries: more extensive past the drags for a more forceful posture
  • Multi-layered plan: Several layers of cowhide and padding come together to make a defensive boundary for your wrist. 7mm thick at the drag tightening to 4mm
  • Waterproof: all edges are fixed utilizing an extraordinary strategy and the calfskin is secured against moisture
  • Aero-Lining: extra-breathable, licensed covering adds to comfort.
  • Loop-Anchor: a protected circle on the underside keeps the attendants from shifting
  • Buckle-Protection: the coating cowhide reaches out under the clasp to keep it from contacting you skin
  • High-quality cowhide: the black cow-conceal cowhide utilized is delicate and flexible, with an excellent pebbled texture

That said, the Chronissimo isn’t pretty much sturdiness, as they have a distinct style unto themselves. Playing off of both game and military plans, the strategic lines of the Chronissimo are wild and manly. Put these on your chronographs, instrument divers and military watches and see as they take on another, extreme look.

Available in 18, 20, 22 and 24mm

Pilot $49

The Pilot tie is the lighter, more agile sibling of the Chronissimo. Additionally rock solid, the Pilot is worked to last and get hammered. The plan is perfect and misleadingly straightforward, however includes a significantly formed shape for a streamlined allure. The Pilot likewise sports numerous amazing features:

  • Notched carries: more extensive past the hauls for a more forceful posture
  • Double sewed: adds an adapted plan and extra strength
  • Waterproof: all edges are fixed utilizing a unique procedure and the cowhide is secured against moisture
  • Heavy padding: a few millimeters of padding add a stun retaining layer
  • Buckle-Protection: the covering calfskin stretches out under the clasp to keep it from contacting you skin
  • High-quality cowhide: the black or brown cow-conceal cowhide utilized is delicate and graceful, with a wonderful pebbled texture

Though the name proposes these are for Pilot watches, which they will be, they additionally work when all is said in done with instrument and game watches. Specifically, the emotional shape looks extraordinary with barrel formed cases, proceeding with the progression of the case all through the strap.

Available in 20 and 22mm, black and brown — So, should you have a requirement for an outrageous tie, we think these have you covered.