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Interview with Tim and Bart Grönefeld

Last month Tim and Bart Grönefeld dispatched the Grönefeld One Hertz, a remarkable wristwatch with a free loser seconds, otherwise called seconde morte. Monochrome talked with Tim and Bart to discover more about these two watchmakers and their two complicated watches.

The One Hertz is the second watch from the two brothers from the Netherlands, both profoundly gifted watchmakers. Their first watch, dispatched in 2008, was the amazingly complicated GTM-06 including a tourbillon and brief repeater with cathedral gongs.

Fine watchmaking is a family custom as both Tim and Bart are third era watchmakers, following their father and grandfather. The Grönefeld watchmaker tradition started in 1912, when grandfather Johan Grönefeld started his profession as a watchmaker.

When the Grönefeld GTM-06 was delivered, to some it was an unexpected that two moderately obscure watchmakers from the Netherlands could grow a particularly complicated wristwatch. Be that as it may, Tim and Bart were notable to insiders and have been working on the most complicated watches for some years.

Tim and Bart have an extremely noteworthy resume. After broad preparing in Switzerland, inside a moderately brief timeframe range they substantiated themselves experts in the creation of the most desired and perfect horological complications of all: the tourbillon and the moment repeater wristwatch.

This year Tim and Bart introduced their subsequent watch, the One Hertz, which is the world’s first wristwatch with free loser seconds and highlights a completely new in-house created movement.

Now on to the interview…..

Monochrome: Let’s discussion about your new watch, the Grönefeld One Hertz. When did you start with the plan to build up your own type for another Grönefeld watch?

Grönefeld: To make a type solely for ourselves is a little glimpse of heaven. In 2008 we were collecting our first watch, the GTM-06 tourbillon-minute-repeater, and chose to make a watch that is more reasonable to a bigger public. That implied that it ought not have a complication as refined as the GTM-06. To simplify a time-just watch doesn’t accommodate our methodology as we are specialists on complications. The One Hertz highlights three complications: free lowlife seconds; power hold; and an extraordinary push setting-winding mechanism.

Monochrome: How since quite a while ago did it take to make the new type and the new watch?

Grönefeld: The advancement started when we began outlining plans toward the start of 2009. We were glad to build up our thoughts in a joint effort with Renaud et Papi and we have been working intimately with them for a very long time at this point. The specialized side and the plan of the One Hertz is settled and components are presently being fabricated. From first portrays to a completed watch will have required two years of hard, yet intriguing and fulfilling work.

Monochrome: What did you gain from your past watch, the Grönefeld GTM-06, that was fused in the One Hertz?

Grönefeld:The plan of the GTM-06 is exceptionally manly and we needed a portion of that plan DNA in the One Hertz. Anyway we have made the watch more exquisite by utilizing better drags and a more slender bezel. The state of the files mounted on a dark ring is like the GTM-06, yet the dial of the One Hertz is subtler on the grounds that the development is just noticeable from the back though you could see the highest point of the development on the GTM-06.

Monochrome: What difficulties did you experience planning a brand new type from scratch?

Grönefeld: We have been currently working for a very long time on the most complicated watches on the planet. To simplify a general complicated development isn’t actually that hard for us. Particularly as we have the experience and joint effort of Renaud et Papi, with whom we have an exceptionally solid relationship. We make an incredible group.

Monochrome: You picked a type with bum seconds, which is a complication not seen often. For what reason did you pick this complication? And how could you come up with the free power for this incredibly uncommon complication.

Grönefeld: Luxury wristwatches are generally in demand for the feeling they offer. They are hand made with energy and persistence. In the time when quartz watches came out the loser seconds component in a mechanical wristwatch was just “not done” in light of the fact that the second hand moved like a quartz second hand. In the 1800’s many free miscreant second pocket watches were made, showing to their proprietor that they had an excellent precise timekeeper. The best controller divider timekeepers had likewise miscreant seconds. Since the recycled bounces in full one-second augmentations like quartz seconds, it is a discrete watch. Except if the development is seen from the back, just the proprietor understands what beats inside the One Hertz.

Monochrome: The One Hertz highlights comparative plan components as the GTM-06, for example the drags, crown and presumably the main, it’s looks and style. What was your job in the plan of both watches?

Grönefeld: All of the plan of both of our watches was made by us, however with the One Hertz we additionally profited by the contribution of an extremely experienced fashioner. Since the dispatch of the One Hertz we have had very certain input with respect to its plan.

Monochrome: Is the One Hertz, the manner in which it’s introduced to the press, what you envisioned before you started?

Grönefeld: We are extremely content with the case and dial plan. The plan of the development is additionally significant and novel to Grönefeld, the style of the scaffolds specifically. We just utilize old style materials like steel, metal and German silver. For the extensions we have picked treated steel. The scaffolds sit exceptionally near one another with the goal that the hand-slanting mirrors light like a mirror. The focuses of the scaffolds are laser engraved and sandblasted to give a special gander at the development. From the start we imagined that we could make the watch with less components; nonetheless, in the wake of making the development work better and look seriously fascinating, we wound up with a ton of components, roughly 270 altogether.

Monochrome: What’s next for Tim and Bart Grönefeld?

Grönefeld: We several thoughts for what’s to come. We don’t have the foggiest idea yet which complication to picked. Most presumably they will be more complicated then the One Hertz. We will follow our “mechanical” heart, however we can uncover that we do cherish complicated wristwatches.

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