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Heuer Autavia’s 50th birthday

When Evan revealed to me he needed to expound on a collector’s meeting in Manila, committed to the 50th birthday celebration of the Heuer Autavia, I just needed to say yes. A vintage Heuer Autavia was my first ‘expensive’ watch I’m still the pleased proprietor of a piece of history. Monochrome is generally committed to unadulterated Haute Horlogerie, anyway I likewise have a shaky area for certain vintage watches, particularly vintage Heuer chronographs!

Earlier this month, we celebrated what was known to be the 50th birthday celebration of the absolute first programmed chronograph at any point made, contingent upon how you need to characterize “first” in this unique situation. In any case, party aside, we are in reality praising the achievement occasion of a Heuer watch that never was embelished with the “Tag” prefix – the Autavia.

The Autavia, a symbol in its own privilege had become the quintessential Heuer piece to possess. Autavia, a combination of the words “Automobile and Aviation” offered ascend to other notorious pieces like the Carrera and Monaco. Luckily for the previously mentioned, they are as yet remembered for Tag Heuer’s current arrangement of watches. Lamentably, the Autavia didn’t get a similar treatment. Yet, get the job done to say, the thought of it being ended has been the explanation behind its getting a handle on state in the realm of vintage Heuer.

There will be no 50th commemoration this year, nor there will be another re-issue, however in any case, it doesn’t stop a gathering of fans in my nation to commend this key achievement. Hence, on Dec 6, 2012, Heuer Mania in Manila resulted. A gathering that occurred in one of the country’s go to places for your horological enthusiasm. Where vintage gathering is the king of discussions, where the feeling of watch appreciation is uplifted by its sheer extent of details, where indecencies are novel, a spot called “ Unique Bisyo “.

The reason of restricting one’s Heuer piece to be liberated from the Tag namesake has never been more evident. So that it involves that Heuer of the past are over the Tag Heuer of today. Be that as it may, then once more, all things considered, such pomposity towards more up to date models is the standard. In spite of such estimations, all Heuer, new and old were welcomed in the said occasion, and it might maybe be the one of the biggest Heuer gathering in the country to date.

It abandons saying that the Autavia was king in this occasion, from the evidently uncommon Viceroy models, to the Diver 100 arrangement, and right to the uncommon Jo Siffert model. Fanatics of said models could without much of a stretch know the sheer extent within the sight of these Autavia pieces. Crossing an item life ranges of 11 distinct models and amazingly, all of which have special developments of their own. From the essential Valjoux developments, right to the type 15, the Autavia really is an authorities dream.

The occasion likewise wasn’t restricted to Autavias, we additionally see any semblance of the first Carrera, and even the Le Mans Steve McQueen Monaco in superb condition. Other eminent pieces were available, like any semblance of the Silverstone, the Temporada, and the rundown goes on. It’s a given that the Heuer fever here in Manila still can’t seem to die down, so that the interest for chronographs won’t ever blur and will remain so that so that the word ageless from a horological outlook has never been this convincing.

This article is composed by Evan Yeung, contributing editorial manager for Monochrome Watches .