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Heritage Watch Manufactory Viator

Sometimes there is this youthful, generally obscure brand that makes such strong excellent watches, that you simply wish you had caught wind of them sooner. Heritage Watch Manufactory is such a brand…

Although they have recently begun in November 2010, today they dispatch their fourth watch as of now. One with a truly striking second time region work called the Viator. Later more about the bewildering development, yet initial a photograph of the Viator, including the subsequent time region as a bouncing hour!

The watches of Heritage Watch Manufactory unite the craft of conventional watchmaking, incredible accuracy and phenomenal life span. The developments have been work for this and fuses three protected mechanisms  for fine guideline and henceforth for unbelievable exactness: a Vivax accuracy balance, a unique Sectator instrument for fine guideline of the escapement and a Tenere equilibrium cock.

Constructed by ace watchmaker Karsten Fraessdorf, the Viator is a completely in-house created watch. As a GMT watch, the Viator shows a subsequent time region under the 12 o’clock position. The promptly hopping hour permits synchronization in only a couple seconds through its fast change mechanism.

Its phenomenal development joins three protected mechanisms. Christian Gütermann as fellow benefactor and individual from the load up comments: “With the new Viator watch commuting between various universes and time regions won’t become simpler or quicker, however it will become more enjoyable.”

The renowned watch planner Eric Giroud, is responsable for the plan of the Viator. He was additionally responsable for the plan of the other models, the Tensus, Magnus and Centensus.

The dial of the Viator has an excellent thee dimensional plan, roused by the convex enameled dials of 18th century Parisian pendulum timekeepers, which features six concentrically orchestrated applications. I especially like the hands; a plan I have never seen, expect on the other models of HWM.

Eric Giroud planned the case after the lodgings used to ensure significant clock developments during chronometry competitions. Also, being a watch that takes a stab at wonderful chronometric rates, this appears to be more than suitable.

The cleaned and satinised stainless steel case has a width of 42.5 mm, is 13 mm thick and waterproof to 50 meters. In the front it has a vaults sapphire gem and the case back has a level sapphire gem, so the lovely development can be admired.

And for those of you who are keen on the specialized particulars of the movement…

Caliber – HWM Cal. 840

  • diameter: 38.30 mm
  • height: 6.10 mm
  • jewels: 40
  • Escapement: Swiss switch escapement; capillary stage to improve oil retention
  • Balance: Mass-managed Vivax balance/16 mm/patent pending
  • Balance spring: Over-curl hairspring (Breguet) Tenerefineadjustment/patentpending
  • Semi-oscilations: 18,000/h
  • Mainspirng barrel: 17.40 mm
  • Moment of dormancy: 110 mg/cm2 (!!)
  • Power save: 50 hours

We don’t know the specific cost, however it will be around 40,000 CHF (ex TAX). For more data, kindly check the Heritage Watch Manufactory site and their Facebook page .