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Hautlence introduces the new Avant-Garde Collection

I get it doesn’t come as an unexpected that Hautlence is one of my #1 watch brands. Since the time I’ve visited them and saw the über-noteworthy HL2 I’ve been a tremendous admirer. Today I’m satisfied to present the new, significantly more reasonable, Avant-Garde collection. 

Hautlence presents 3 new models of the new Avant-Garde collection. The new collection looks more youthful, sportier and less formal and comes in a bigger case then past models. It holds the mark approach to show time and shows a brilliant 3-D visual introduction, as a result of the sapphire gem dials. As a result of an alternate case development and the utilization of titanium in stead of valuable metals, the value begins at 30,000 CHF. A blessing from heaven for some collectors!

The new bigger case estimates 46 mm (from left to right) by 42 mm and 12.8 mm in tallness, making it substantially more unmistakable on the wrist then the HL collection as you can see on this wrist shot here . You know I ordinarily don’t show official statement text, anyway a little special case. In these couple of lines Hautlence consummately portrays what thought when I first saw a Hautlence on my wrist, I actually think the same:

The sapphire gem dial is utilized from the two sides: the dial’s upper face includes the logo, just as glowing minutes and records; its lower face incorporates a hazy territory and a metal covering produced using highly cleaned rhodium or rose gold. Under it a subsequent dial, either in silvered opaline or the mark honeycomb that I adored such a huge amount in the HL Ti02 that I inspected , further improves the sensation of weightlessness. The glowing numerals and lists ensure simple intelligibility and truly build up the 3D impact of the hopping hours, retrograde minutes and auxiliary seconds. A blowout for the eye!

The new case combines steel and titanium, covered by dark DLC on certain models. Shown above is the HLRS 01 Rose Gold that likewise includes an 18-carat 4N rose gold crown and screws. The utilization of hazy on the lower side of the sapphire precious stone dials puts more spotlight on the pieces of the dial, where hours and minutes are shown, improving its readability.

All models of the Avant-Garde collection come on a black caoutchouc lash with collapsing clasp. This backings the more youthful and energetic looks of this collection. Next is the HLRS 02 – Blue with a titanium and steel case and blue SuperLuminova on the records and hands. The bezel and ‘bumpers’ are made in treated steel, part of the way brushed and incompletely cleaned. The case back and horns are made in titanium, to decrease weight.

All horns are in titanium, anyway the horns of the HLRS 02 are DLC covered, to put more accentuation on the treated steel bezel and bumper.

The last model to be uncovered today is the HLRS o3 Orange Honeycomb. The dark DLC covered bezel and bumpers combined with the honeycomb dial, give this watch somewhat of a secretive look and more difference that additionally expands the energetic looks.

Of course all new models of the Avant-Garde collection include the Hautlence in-house manual winding mechanical development, with bouncing hours and retrograde minutes utilizing the Hautlence associating poles framework. The completion is simply magnificent: hand-drawn strokes and hand calculated finish.

The cost, including Swiss assessments, is 32,000 CHF for the HLRS 01 and both the HLRS 02 and HLRS 03 are accessible for 30,000 CHF. I think this is extraordinary information for collectors! In half a month I’ll be visiting Hautlence in their old neighborhood of La Chaux-de-Fonds and show you substantially more subtleties and live photos!

Here’s a connect to the Hautlence site and to their official Facebook page .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief manager for Monochrome Watches .