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Hautlence HL2’s Steampunk Technology Explained on Video

What is workmanship; an inquiry I attempted to reply on more then one event. While word references produce various clarifications, in most discussion is typically reduces to a matter of individual taste. So let me share my genuine belief about the Hautlence HL2: I think that its unadulterated workmanship. Steampunk mechanical art…

When Hautlence showed the primary working models of the HL2 around two years prior, the watch world, bot the business and authorities, were totally excited. Obviously I quickly shared photographs of the primary model and clarified the workings. However, I need to concede, the new video clarifies it much better.

Hautlence considered the HL2 their ‘Second Philosophy of Watchmaking’ and meanwhile two (last) adaptations of the HL2 have been delivered. The HL2.1 is the white gold rendition and the photograph above shows the pink gold HL2.2. In stead of clarifying how this glorious watch functions, I propose you require two minutes to watch the video.

And on the off chance that you don’t care how it functions, you actually will see a glorious piece of steampunk mechanical workmanship that even tells the time.

More data can be found on the Hautlence site and their official Facebook page .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, leader manager for Monochrome Watches .