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Hands-On with the Zelos Cosmos

In some cases, a mixed expansion to an assortment can be something to be thankful for. Something that looks extraordinarily special from an ocean of standard jumpers and fliegers. Possibly it’s greater. Or then again perhaps it includes a lugless plan. Maybe rather than a conventional handset, it utilizes stamped plates to tell the time. On the off chance that you set up all these maybes, that something other than what’s expected is the Zelos Cosmos. Zelos is no more abnormal to worn&wound. The brand has had various effective Kickstarter crusades added to its repertoire, among them the unashamed Helmsman and Abyss jumpers, just as the moderate Chroma. In like manner, the Cosmos was rejuvenated through a crowdfunding effort back in 2015. Whatever Zelos’ wizardry recipe might be, it has implied proceeded with achievement regarding getting the financing expected to carry every idea to reality.

The Cosmos is from various perspectives the replacement to the previously mentioned Chroma. From the case to the dial, the establishment is by and large present. Furthermore, by expanding on what has come previously, it is protected to say that the Cosmos is Zelos’ most aggressive plan both as far as feel and assembling capablity.


Hands-On with the Zelos Cosmos

Case Stainless Steel (likewise rose gold and PVD) Movement ETA 2824 Dial Layered plates Lume N/A Lens Double-domed sapphire Strap Leather Water Resistance 50m Dimensions 45mm x 45mm Thickness 14.5mm Lug Width 22mm Crown push/pull Warranty Yes; one year Price $649

There’s no denying it, the Cosmos is a major watch. While lugless plans ordinarily cause watches to feel more modest, between the 45mm distance across and the 14.5mm height (with a 3mm thick sapphire precious stone!), the Cosmos feels like a hockey puck on the wrist. Not that it’s fundamentally something terrible, as the watch is unmistakably intended for such an impact and one would need to need such a tasteful. The case sides are sunken, bending inwards. The sides are then complemented with three profound cut scores and a dark ring that give the case a layered look. This is like how Zelos managed the Chroma, however that model included a more modest case. Beside being outwardly fascinating, this itemizing additionally helps break the case profile a considerable amount so it doesn’t feel too section sided.

From the top-down, the Cosmos becomes truly intriguing. It may not be obvious from the photographs, however the dial really comprises of a few degrees of stacked rings made of various materials. The hour track, for instance, is made of sapphire glass and is held set up by four screws. Next in the stack is another sapphire circle with laser engraved numerals addressing the moment track. This layers sits on a steel base highlighting concentric brushing for some additional texture.

Then, three slight, piled sheets of painted metal make up the turning circles that are the hands. At the middle top is a circle engraved with the Zelos logo and it addresses the running seconds. The following circle is a spoked wheel with 12 hands, one of which is set apart in a hazier tone to demonstrate the moment hand. Both of these plates include a pattern design that give them the presence of a controlling wheel. The third plate, addressing the hour, sits beneath these three and is a strong circle with a little skeletonized triangle pointer.

at the outset, there is by all accounts a great deal going on with the dial, yet practically speaking the time is in reality simple to peruse. The shading contrast in the moment and hour hands unmistakably contrasts the remainder of the pale tones of the dial. Every one of the 12 hands on the moment dial is skeletonized so they permit the hour hand and carved moment markers to be noticeable under. So, the moment track is somewhat difficult to peruse on the fly. It is, obviously, helpful when setting the time, however for really perusing time I thought that it was simpler to go on the general distance of the moment hand from every hour marker. It’s not a major issue for me–plenty of different dials swear off moment markers altogether–but it is worth noting.


As referenced, the precious stone sitting on the case is sapphire, and it is twofold domed with slanted edges and highlights interior AR. A twofold domed sapphire precious stone, particularly one this thick, is very costly to make, however the advantage of going the additional mile comes as predominant optics. There will be insignificant bending of the dial, even at extraordinary points. Flipping the watch around, the case back is pattern in a similar example as the moment plate, with sapphire-covered openings uncovering the type inside.

And that segues us to the development. The Cosmos was initially scheduled to come furnished with a Miyota 9015 programmed type, a strong Japanese workhorse. After the finish of the underlying Kickstarter campaign,  Zelos reported that the eventual outcome would come outfitted with an ETA 2824 at no additional charge to supporters, with the one admonition being that conveyance times may be postponed because of essential component changes. Both are strong developments in any case, however a Swiss type helps raise the apparent estimation of the Cosmos.

On the wrist the Cosmos sits huge, however it is a comfortable easygoing watch. It probably won’t fit under all shirt sleeves, yet those with some additional squirm room shouldn’t have an issue. The gave lash is a good enough sewed calfskin two-piece with a stepped false gator print combined with a marked Zelos clasp. It is somewhat hardened on the wrist however it should break in after some time. Obviously, the Cosmos would look comparable, if worse, with some more easygoing alternatives.

We have lauded Zelos before, and all things considered. In spite of the fact that the plans may not be for everybody, it is difficult to reject that Zelos is driven by a durable, conscientious stylish. That is something that shouldn’t be underestimated, as these multilayered plans require a lot of tooling and thinking ahead. None of this list. With everything taken into account, this is a strong exertion from the brand, one that proceeds with the direction previously laid forward by the Helmsman.

The Cosmos retails for $849, however is at present being offered for $649. To find out more or to buy, visit Zelos .