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Hands-on with the Speake-Marin Serpent Calendar

While experiencing the photos I made at Baselworld 2012, I discovered this one especially engaging. Not that the photograph is so unbelievably excellent, in spite of the fact that I like the little light emission on the rear of Peter Speake-Marin’s new Serpent Calendar.

Of course I imparted the information on this watch to you on the day it was dispatched . This is anyway not the primary Serpent Calendar; the previously was essential for the Original Piccadilly Collection with finish dial . This new one highlights another development with 5-days of force hold and has some other highlights that I’d like to highlight.

The new development is the EROS-1 and has two origin barrels conveying the 5 days of self-governance, when completely twisted. The tremendous extensions, there are two covering all the more then three-quarter of the development, have a roundabout brushed get done with etchings. On top of that is the mark Speake-Marin rotor, that takes after Peter’s old garnish machine.

Now you may ponder, why in the world call the development “caliber EROS-1”; in any event that’s one of the inquiries I had for Peter when we met during Baselworld. The explanation is quite basic and returns to the time that Peter was working at one of his first positions as watchmaker, in London close to Piccadilly Circus to be exact. While he pick the name Piccadilly as the name for a whole assortment, the sculpture at Piccadilly Circus was the motivation for the new movement’s name.

The dial has changed, compared to the past Serpent Calendar. The new dial is a multi-layered, white-finish dial. The past Serpent Calendar highlighted a finish dial, anyway the new dial is more slender and hence takes into account a lot slimmer instance of simply 12mm. Another expansion to the dial is the mark beating apparatus that additionally comes, harking back to the rotor’s design.

The date numerals have been moved more towards the middle, taking into account a more limited serpent date hand. The benefit of the more limited date hand is that it’s less handily confused with the hour or moment hand, henceforth it’s simpler to peruse the time at the brief look at an eye.

The new more slender case actually includes the regular overstated carries and the jewel formed crown. Something I do like a great deal are the beautifully molded hour and moment hand, and the long and inconceivably meager second hand the goes right to the edge of the dial.

Of course the new more slender case wears more comfortable then the past one. I own an Original Piccadilly with Enamel Dial, the 38 mm is all the more then enough for my wrist. These photographs show the 42 mm adaptation of the new more slender case and it fits totally fine.

I attempted to depict the contrasts between the new Serpent Calendar and the past one. Another development, another multi-layer polish dial with a more focal date ring and more limited date hand. The hands (and rotor) are painted blue, so no blued steel hands that could be found on the past Original Piccadilly assortment. Interestingly, after what appeared to be the last ‘affordable’ Speake-Marin assortment, the Spirit Pioneer, Peter Speake-Marin again makes his watches accessible for around € 10,000 Euro (excl taxes).

The Serpent Calendar is accessible with a tempered steel or 18k red gold case, with a distance across of either 38mm or 42mm. Also, boy… the red gold one looks glorious as well.

More data can be found on the Speake-Marin site and the official Facebook page .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief manager for Monochrome Watches .