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Hands-on with the Seiko Fieldmaster a.k.a. Field Tuna

The Seiko Professional Specification or the PROSPEX has just made an imprint in the professional universe of remote ocean jumping. We know very well how profound a Seiko “Tuna” can go. In any case, how can it admission on the land? Is there something like this called a Land “Tuna”? We should discover out.

The Marinemasters might be the most loved PROSPEX in the market because of its rich history and straightforward methodology. In any case, as respects a stunning profundity rating, it’s not totally to the greatest advantage of adventurers of dry pieces of the world. Thusly, the Fieldmaster was born.

The Seiko Fieldmaster (SBDC011) or the “Field Tuna” as some would call it, is one of those programmed PROSPEX watches that isn’t work for the ocean. Truly along these lines, one couldn’t miss the way that this piece is surely a piece work around the “Fish Can” case. Most especially for people who were familiar with the Marinemaster Tuna, would handily see the PROSPEX “Tuna” protected cover around the case. Albeit the esthetics of this piece shouts “Fish” all finished, it’s very like it.

The first observable distinction is the compass bezel. Albeit one could contend that any watch can be use as a compass, it offers simpler readings with a bi-directional smooth pivoting bezel without the standard clicking sound you hear from a jumpers bezel, it’s anything but a jumper’s watch all things considered. The hands of the Field Tuna might be like the Marinemasters of Seiko, yet the records are a long way from comparative. The date window is situated at the 4 o’clock position rather than the business standard of setting it in close to the 3 o’clock. Additionally, there are no names of any sort in the base focal point of the dial. Messages, for example, the name of the piece and the profundity rating are not appeared, rather a straightforward yet rich marking of a Seiko “Programmed 23 Jewels” is appeared and composed simply over the 6 o’clock position, and need I say that the lume on this piece is amazingly bright.

The case back highlights some helpful depictions and codes that are globally perceived pain signals which is otherwise called Ground-to-Air visual sign code that can be utilized to pass on messages to air makes in quest for salvage when there is no other way to communicate. It’s very a helpful device for voyagers who are stuck in no place. For those keen on realizing more what these images are, you can look at the Wilderness Survival Guide .

As referenced before, the case is covered with the Seiko protected “Fish” cover however not the fired adaptation. It’s fitted rather with a brush completed steel cover that encompasses the entire piece which I sort of like. It is likewise a shock to see a similar PROSPEX crown in the SBDX011 fitted into this piece. A moderately enormous screw down crown that permits simpler twisting with the huge Seiko “S” image on it. The glass is Sapphire gem for scratch obstruction and is appeared to have the bezel embed inclining downwards, for motivations behind simpler time readings and glare reduction.

The expansion of the PROSPEX cover does in reality make the piece wear bigger than most. The actual case is as of now colossal, estimating at a measurement of 48mm (50.5mm with crown) and a thickness of 13.7mm, this piece is unquestionably a piece that needs to be taken note. Furthermore, the piece is likewise on the weighty finish of the wristwatch range similarly as with all PROSPEX pieces, tipping the scales at 126 grams. Every one of these details are fundamentally made to make it so this is a piece to be worn on the field. Indeed, on the off chance that you have been in the Seiko Watch circle adequately long, the first Fieldmaster or all the more commonly known as the “Contra Watch” was really a piece intended to be worn by Nicaraguan dissidents. It’s a super uncommon 1980s quartz collectible that the people at Hodinkee have covered a couple of years back. Given such history, it’s no big surprise where the compass and the coded caseback were motivated from.

Of all the Seiko PROSPEX pieces, this is most likely the first to be fitted with a leather tie out of the crate. It essentially goes astray from the standard lash decisions of either hardened steel arm band or the notorious elastic ties from the PROSPEX jumpers. It’s an odd decision for an instrument observe yet nonetheless the leather lash offers an energetic vibe to the whole piece. It could be with the goal that the leather lash won’t be satisfying to certain people, and it by one way or another is an all in or all out for PROSPEX gatherers. Most people I realize who own one are either changing the ties to be worn with a steel arm band, or a nylon tie, and of all lashes I saw the “Field Tuna” was use with, the Bremont solicit tie fitted beneath is by a long shot my favorite.

Here are a few wrist shots for great measure.

Movement savvy, the “Field Tuna” is controlled by a strong 6R15 type. A development, which you find in most of the programmed pieces from the PROSPEX line. The 6R15 type is really a development that is only a stage beneath the first rate 8L35 development and an updated rendition of the 7S26. Basically, it’s another undecorated piece of designing wonder from Seiko. It’s one of only a handful few developments from the Seiko mechanical developments that offer hacking and hand-twisting system, by essentially including a different pinion a current development to empower the twisting without expecting to reproduce another development without any preparation. It’s really an overhaul of the 7S26 type, yet the miracles of adding a hacking ability and hand winding makes it better than the remainder of the mechanical watches from Seiko. Some specialized determinations of the Seiko Fieldmaster SBDC011 are shown below:

  • Movement: 6R15 Caliber
  • Drive System: Self-twisting mechanical with manual winding
  • Accuracy: + 25 seconds to – 15 seconds daily
  • Water Resistant: 20 bar
  • Jewels: 23
  • Weight: 126 g
  • Dimensions: 48mm breadth x 13.7mm thickness

The Seiko Fieldmaster or the “Field Tuna” is in actuality, a special piece that shows its class from its straightforward plan. Indeed, even with the likenesses with the Marinemasters, the Fieldmaster merits its very own spotlight. With current estimating of around 94,500 Yen (950 Euros) including charges, the piece is viewed as a watch with great worth. A reasonable extravagance device watch as some would say, and an excellent one at that. Another pearl from the Japanese-just made pieces that authorities around the planet would need to seize a. Furthermore, just to make things seriously fascinating, I am leaving you with a photograph of the “Field Tuna” next to its restricted version hard-covered sibling.

Special on account of Ditoy Aguila from PhilippineWatchClub for sharing this piece and for the great photographs of the “Field Tuna”.

This article is composed by Evan Yeung, contributing essayist for Monochrome Watches .