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Hands-On with the River Watch Co. Tiber

Nowadays, Kickstarter is by all accounts the go-to stage for startup watch brands. In any case, what was previously an oddity has now become a state of immersion, and with a vast greater part of late publicly supported tasks it truly feels like a rush to the base. I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say that I’ll be glad to never again see a modest battery-controlled moderate watch that will “redefine current timepieces.”

With that said, when somebody goes to swarm financing with an undertaking that is plainly thoroughly examined and, might I venture to say, one of a kind, we at worn&wound nearly feel a feeling of obligation to impart it to our perusers. So today, we’re investigating the Tiber from River Watch Company , a pristine jumper coming to a Kickstarter close to you. (their kickstarter is currently live here)

River Watch Company was established in 2014 by Scott Bakkar, a long-term WUS part based out of British Columbia. The brand’s debut offering, the Tiber, is a recognition for one of Bakkar’s most loved watches designs–the Super Compressor. In the event that you don’t understand what a Super Compressor is or why they’re so cool, look at our helpful guide for a top to bottom look. Yet, to spare the gritty details, a Super Compressor is a kind of watch case planned and licensed in 1956 by prestigious case maker EPSA. “Super Compressor” explicitly alludes to the case’s technique for fixing, where a spring-stacked argument back would seal more tight against the O-ring when presented to expanded pressing factor, significantly boosting water-opposition. In spite of the fact that a considerable lot of these watches highlighted a double crown plan and an interior bezel (otherwise called a reflector), there were additionally various models that strayed from this recipe with single crowns and customary outside bezels. Today, vintage Super Compressors can get a chunk of change on the secondary market.

Though the Tiber is certainly not a genuine Super Compressor, it is styled after a portion of those respected watches. However, it’s no unmitigated copy, by the same token. While the Tiber pays cautious praise to a dearest vintage stylish, pulling vigorously from plans found all through the 50s and 60s, it does as such with an absolutely present day reasonableness. We got our hands on certain models to play with and, basically, we were truly intrigued with what we saw. Let’s get to it.

River Watch Co. Tiber

Case: Stainless Steel Movement: Miyota 9015 Dial: Sunburst Tuxedo Black/Sunburst Sports Silver Lume: C3 Tuxedo Black/BGW9 Sports Silver Lens: Flat Sapphire Strap: Brown/Black “crazy horse” calfskin Water Resistance: 200M Dimensions: 42mm x 50mm Thickness: 11mm Lug Width: 22mm Crown: 5.5mm Warranty: 1 year global warranty


The treated steel case comes in at a contemporary 42mm, with a haul to-drag tallness of 50mm and a thickness of around 11mm. The surface highlights a blend of various completions. The chamfered bezel is cleaned, contrasted by the vertical brushing on the hauls and the mid-case. As referenced, the case pulls its impact from more seasoned Super Compressor jumpers and as such has two crowns–one at 2 o’clock for working the bidirectional reflector, and a screw-down crown at 4 o’clock for setting the time. The case back highlights a carved logo and spreads out the watch specs, which incorporates a water opposition rating of 200m and the development, the admired Miyota 9015.

The Tiber may be on the greater finish of the range when compared to its verifiable counterparts, yet it doesn’t feel curiously large. The watch has a presence, without a doubt, however it’s no wrist clock either and it wears comfortably. That comes incompletely from the drag plan, which has the hauls dipping down to embrace the wrist and results in the previously mentioned limited carry length. What’s more, part of the way, it is an aftereffect of the manner in which the dial and bezel are planned and coordinated, which I’ll address below.


The Tiber comes in two colors: tuxedo dark and sports silver. The previous is the more exemplary of the two styles, highlighting a dynamic sunburst dial that under specific lights looks more like profound charcoal as opposed to dark. The games silver, as the name proposes, highlights a silver sunburst dial. The reflector on the two models is matte dark. This contributes to the silver variation wearing more modest than its given measurements, with the contrast giving the dial a more quelled presence.

Rectangular cleaned applied files mark the hours on the two variations, and the files are bent over at 3, 6, 9, and 12. The reflector highlights two triangles at the hour long imprint, with dabs denoting each five-minute span aside from 15, 30, and 45, which are addressed by means of Arabic numerals. The logo is unmistakably included under 12-o’clock, and the model name and water obstruction, the last in red, are situated over 6-o’clock. The hands are such a blocky variety of the exemplary needle style. It ought to be noticed that the hands on the models are more limited and skinnier than what will be on the last creation models.

The tuxedo dark dial highlights markings in a warm fake patina color, while the games silver model uses blue-green. The two watches highlight lumed markers, with C3 on the dark dial and BGW9 on the silver dial. In any case, in the event that you take a gander at the lume shots, you’ll clearly notice something curious–the files on the tuxedo dark model are with no working lume, and the silver variation has befuddled lume on the hands. We addressed Mr. Bakkar and he is completely mindful of the two issues on the models. The last creation watches ought to have the correct lume applied generously on the whole proposed areas.

Straps and Wearability

The Tiber comes on a good cowhide tie, including matte “crazy horse” calfskin in one or the other earthy colored or dark. It’s a finished skin, with a vibe generally like that of nubuck. Being a jumper, the Tiber would clearly look incredible on some of an alternate tie alternatives, everything from a mil-spec one-piece to an elastic tie like Isofrane. The dark dial, the more curbed of the two, would look very decent on a dressier cowhide lash, and can be combined with a suit as effectively as it can with a couple of boardshorts.


You’re most likely pondering about cost. The early on Kickstarter cost for the River Watch Co Tiber will be a pleasant $375 – $425 CAD (roughly $310 – $350 USD), with the lower end of the reach expected for prompt riser sponsor. When the mission is finished, the MSRP will be  and even $500 CAD, roughly $417 USD. The Kickstarter will dispatch this Monday, May 18th, at 0800 PST, so keep your eyes stripped on the off chance that you need the better cost. There will likewise be various stretch objectives, however those are being left well enough alone until the genuine mission; I’m thinking we’ll see some additional tie choices. Generally, the Tiber is an appealing bundle at an extraordinary cost, so if the plan addresses you, you can help make this undertaking a reality.