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Hands-On with the Orion 1 by Nick Harris

What watch would a watch-modder make if a watch-modder could make watches? It’s a deep rooted question that… indeed, not actually, yet it’s continually energizing to perceive how and where new brands create. Barely a year prior, we presented to you the story of the Standard Field Seiko by Watches by Nick for the now ancient Go and Behold store. This was our first time finding out about Nick Harris, a watch modder who zeroed in on Seiko mods, numerous with expand case work and interesting dial materials. Presently Nick is dispatching his own image: Orion . Presently in pre-deal for $400, going up to $500, the Seiko NH35 controlled watch is sport watch with unassuming measurements and a dial that carries vintage to mind. Scratch loaned us a model to take for a turn, so let’s take a nearer look.


Hands-On with the Orion 1 by Nick Harris

Case Steel Movement Seiko NH35 Dial Matte Black Lume BGW9 and C1 Lens Sapphire w/AR Strap Leather Water Resistance 100m Dimensions 38 x 49mm Thickness 13.3mm Lug Width 20mm Crown 9 x 4 Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer’s Defect Price $500

It’s incredible to see more watches coming out that are under 40mm. Before long, we wont be wanting for additional, somewhat we’ll have a decent determination to look over. Estimating 38 x 49 x 13.65mm, the unobtrusive width is complimented with long hauls and a some tallness. Together, the measurements make for a watch that isn’t little by any stretch of the imagination. It’s very considerable inclination and looking really. The long carries are thick with an unpretentious form, and squared closures. They give the watch a forceful position and some extra mass that allows the watch a solid presence on the wrist. Essentially, the bezel is wide, giving you a great deal of metal to look at.

With that said, it’s astonishing how a little detail that is outside of the standard can have a significant effect. For the Orion 1, it’s the crown. Estimating an incredible 9mm in measurement, it shouldn’t work on a 38mm case, yet it does. It does truly well. It’s wide, yet level with knurling that lines up with some similarly eager crown monitors. These are subtleties that would take a gander at home on a 44mm plunge watch, yet some way or another bode well here. They don’t come across as larger than usual, really, simply strong, playing off of the overstated carries, and thick bezel. These subtleties come together to make a truly alluring and hearty design.

The Orion 1 has a blend of brushed and cleaned wrapping up. On the highest points of the hauls and crown monitors there is radial brushing, which looks decent as it brings the eye around the case. The bezel is then cleaned for contrast. I may be somewhat worried about that being a scratch magnet, as this watch entices to be worn forcefully. The case sides are additionally cleaned. I for one figure the brushing might have proceeded on the sides as there is all in all too much sparkle for me with no guarantees. The hauls are bored through, which I love to see, making changing lashes simple. Kindly note that the opening area imagined here will change on the creation model.

For the dial, Nick went with something lively, yet vintage, addressing any semblance of vintage Seamasters. It’s matte dark with an essential record of applied markers. At 12, 3, 6 and 9 you have triangles pointing inwards, with the one at 12 being generously bigger. Different hours are then little square shapes. The entirety of the markers have cleaned steel encompasses and lume filling. Around the external edge of the dial is a moment/second file with white lines exchanging long per unit and a half.

Additionally, running from 12 to 6 and 3 to 9 are a bunch of white focus. I’m a sucker for crosshair dials, so this worked for me right away. They utilize the space well, causing the whole dial to feel dynamic and considered, while not making things occupied. They additionally support the directional part of the bolt markers, pulling the eye in to the hands. Just under twelve, there is an Orion logo, which is harmless. Over 6 you at that point need to lines of text “Automatic” in white and “100m/330ft” in red. These are both minuscule as to not be diverting. There are really two adaptation of the dial, red and blue, with the solitary distinction (as should be obvious) being the shade of that small line of flavor text.

I like the half breed dress/sport approach that is suggestive of the gentleman’s sport watches of the mid twentieth century, yet I wind up needing a few numerals and maybe somewhat less bling from the markers. Maybe external file might have had little digits each 5 or 10 units, and the rectangular markers might have been printed. I’d likewise love to see an adaptation of this watch that was a smidgen even more an exemplary field plan, as the case would take to that concept.

Wearing the Orion 1 is a joy. It’s compact, looks fitting on my wrist and is comfortable. The 38mm breadth is even by the 49mm drag to-carry, making it look humble, however not little. On my 7” wrist, it took up a legitimate measure of land, feeling relative to my arm and hand. The massiveness of the carries, bezel and crown at that point give it an exceptionally strong and solid appearance. Stylishly, it’s decent also. It utilizes common components to cause something that actually figures out how to feel extraordinary. Lively, yet not excessively forceful, with enough class to get by in the workplace too. The watch will dispatch with a dark false croc lash with white sewing, not pictured.

All in all, the Orion 1 is a cool watch and an extraordinary beginning for the new brand. I love the case plan, particularly the crown, as it wears well, looks cool and shows that under 40mm watches can in any case be intense and manly. The dial is wonderfully unique for an advanced game watch, making the Orion 1 adaptable for everyday wear. I may have loved somewhat less mirror working on it and in the markers, yet when really wearing the watch outside, strolling around, it looked and functioned admirably. Thus, if you’re searching for an unobtrusively measured game watch that isn’t another pilot or jumper, unquestionably look at this, particularly while you can get it at the extremely reasonable cost of $400.