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Hands-On with the Nomos Glashutte Limited Edition Club for Timeless

Back in May, Timeless Luxury Watches of Texas reported a restricted release Nomos Club Datum in blue. Confined to brief 100 pieces, they sold out quick and in light of current circumstances; they were incredibly perfect. With inky blue dials off set with a cherry red seconds hand, they were an energizing riff on an all around incredible watch. Presently, I’m somewhat one-sided as I own a Club (not this one, but rather the cream dial 36mm non-date adaptation), however having a long time to go through with the Timeless Club I can undoubtedly say it’s a victor, and an extraordinary illustration of how to utilize shading on a dial.  We inspected the manual injury Nomos Club previously, which you can peruse here , and since a considerable lot of the subtleties are a similar this will be to a greater degree an involved with a ton of photos.


The case configuration is basically equivalent to that of the Club manual, yet it comes in somewhat bigger at 38.5 x 48.75 x 8.45mm. In an extremely uncommon move, each of the 4 of the distinctive Club models have diverse case sizes, beginning at 36mm and finishing at a shockingly huge 41.5mm (enormous for Nomos in any event). This makes each model wear a piece in an unexpected way. I love the 36mm case, yet subsequent to wearing the 38.5 for a piece, I figure it may very well hit that sweet spot.

The Club’s configuration includes exceptionally long drags, which is a state of contention for certain individuals. Truly, it’s something I just notification in photographs. On the wrist, it’s a very even watch. Their length causes the watch to sit well, and they space the lash away from the focal case, making such an edge for the watch.

On the somewhat bigger case, the “bi-partite” plan, which means two-piece, truly comes through. Fundamentally, the bezel, mid-case and carries are every one of the one piece, the case back is then the second. This makes a consistent and smooth bezel, with a flawless expansive span. It’s basic, according to Nomos’ style, yet has a vigor that gives the Club a wonderfully energetic edge.

Flipping the watch over, you are given a decent perspective on their in-house DUW4101 development, behind a sapphire showcase. It’s delightfully beautified with Cote De Geneve, star-blasting and perlage under the equilibrium. At the point when it gets the light, it truly comes alive. It’s significant that this is the first and as of now just Club that has one of Nomos’ new DUW developments, which are recognized by their incorporation of the Nomos Swing System, otherwise known as their in-house escapement. Around the edge of the showcase the words “Nomos Glashutte Limited Edition Club for Timeless” are carved just as the release number out of 100.


The surface of the Timeless club is a similar profound, matte blue veneer Nomos utilized on their blue Lambda watches, and likely on their beautiful blue Zurich Worldtimer. It’s an ideal blue for a dial, nor being excessively splendid, which could shout blue or shading, or excessively dim, which could wind up kind of futile, not adding anything exceptional. This is the blue of a pleasant fleece suit. It’s attractive and saved yet not quite the same as dark, white, dim or cream.

To highlight the blue somewhat, the essential file is a light dim/lavender tone. This is not quite the same as what we saw on the a few months, which was cream hued, however a keen improvement. It compliments the dial, adding an inconspicuous play of cool tones. The moment record on the edge of dial highlights orange/red numerals and light dark/lavender hash marks. The differentiating numerals are a mark of the Club line, and look extraordinary on the blue dial. They add some difference and give the watch an enthusiastic feel.

At 6 is the sub-seconds dial, which is additionally in blue with a straightforward file. It’s in character with the remainder of the watch/arrangement, yet to make it unique for the Timeless release, the hand is a cherry veneer red. It’s splendid and strong, however little enough to not overwhelm the dial, to such an extent as to be a pleasant peculiarity. The red is really more brilliant than the orange on the list, so they don’t contrast the blue similarly, which may have been too much.

The hour and moment hands are similar thin blades found on different models. Regardless of being slim, they are charmingly forceful, and very professional. They aren’t simply level, punched bits of steel, rather they have a slight peak to them, causing them to mirror light in a more emotional manner. I will say however, while it may have been over the top excess, I do somewhat miss the shading fill from the hands on the cream dial version.

At 6 is a little date window, henceforth the “Datum” segment of the name. An incredible aspect concerning brands with make developments, is that altering the date wheel to fit each watch is guaranteed. Nomos appears to make a preferable showing over most with this, as is exemplified in their Orion 38 Datum . On the Club, the date disk’s foundation consummately coordinates the blue of the dial, while the date numeral matches the hour record. It simply causes the dial stream such a ton better and to feel complete.

Straps and Wearability

If you’ve at any point took a stab at a Nomos, you realize that their lashes are incredible. Straightforward, tightening cut Horween Shell Cordovan, they are downplayed and sumptuous. The Timeless Club comes on a dark 20mm assortment. True to form, it’s a lovely lash, yet I keep thinking about whether dark was the correct decision. It doesn’t look terrible, nothing would, yet an earthy colored or burgundy (Color 8 in Horween’s speech), would have drawn out the blue more, and felt more easygoing. In that capacity, I through it on a worn&wound burgundy Shell Cordovan Model 2 to perceive what it would resemble. The burgundy, by having an unpretentious purple tone, truly gets both the blue and red components in the dial, making a pleasant amicability of colors.

On the wrist, as referenced, the 38.5mm case wears well overall. It is a long watch, yet the state of the drags fits the wrist, and the general size is as yet on the little, yet ideal, side. What’s generally significant, be that as it may, is the look. The Club’s dial has an enjoyably recognizable feel. It’s a touch field, a touch car, energetic yet refined and exquisite. It’s without the somber Germanic lines of the Tangente or Tangomat, or the advanced peculiarity of the Metro , and somehow or another is the weirdo in Nomos’ line up. What’s more, that simply makes me like it even more. It’s entirely wearable. It’s not as striking, but rather it’s perhaps more well rounded.

Throw in the blue tone, and you have something exceptionally fascinating. In contrast to most blue watches, I think this is one you could wear every day. The blue adds a measurement to the dial, a profundity and warmth, that different shadings need. I say this as a proprietor of the cream dial, which I venerate, there is something simply charming about the blue. Also, that’s valid with their other blue looks too, particularly the Worldtimer, which is perhaps the most alluring watches out there, ever, end of sentence (indeed, perhaps not, yet it’s truly something exceptional). More finished, the blue will combine flawlessly with colors from attire and ties in an alternate manner. Now and then become more splendid, in some cases more obscure. Wear it with dark for a cool, serious look. Blue for some apparent subtlety. Or on the other hand earthy colored/khakis for contrast. Wear it on calfskin, cordovan or a pass-through. The long drags really take to nylon for a substantially more easygoing look.


Alas, ravings aside, the Nomos Glashutte Limited Edition Club for Timeless is a distant memory. They sold out rather rapidly. That’s not astounding thinking about the amount, developing notoriety of Nomos and the sheer provocativeness of the watch, yet it is surely baffling for those of us who are throbbing for it now. To the insightful fine people who got one during pre-deal, very much done. To those of us who didn’t, I assume we’ll simply need to keep our eyes on the gatherings, however I some way or another uncertainty these will be let loose.

Regardless, The Club Datum is exceptionally worth thought if you’re on the lookout for a Nomos. The somewhat bigger size over the non-date manual has a major effect. The watch simply feels more articulated. All things considered, they go for $2260 with a strong case-back or $2560 with a showcase, getting them extensively more cash than the amazingly very much evaluated $1550 for the 36mm manual model. Still an incredible cost in the plan of production watches, however the differential feels somewhat odd considering the actual watches are so comparative. Presently, if just they’d include some more tones along with the blend as the Timeless club demonstrated how well they could work.

Oh, and a major gratitude to Timeless Luxury for loaning us this piece for review!