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Hands-On with the Nezumi Baleine

In 2015, Nezumi hit the market running with the great Voiture. In the event that you’re a long-lasting peruser of worn&wound, or in the event that you follow us on Instagram, you’ve without a doubt seen this vintage-motivated excellence (and on the off chance that you haven’t, get our broad survey here ). Enlivened by various exemplary designs—among them the Omega Speedmaster and the Universal Genève Compax—it shocked no one that the Voiture spoke to numerous vintage-watch devotees. Also, with costs for vintage observes consistently crawling up, the open evaluating of the Seiko Mecha-Quartz-fueled Voiture made it somewhat of an easy decision for individuals who can value the feel of previously mentioned exemplary watches, however not their present cost tags.

Nezumi is back with its subsequent exertion, this time named the Baleine. The Baleine is the brand’s first mechanical watch and its first jumper. From a plan outlook, the Baleine is an absolutely more contemporary looking watch than the Voiture was. It likewise takes the case from the Voiture and adjusts it to the necessities of a plunge watch. More on this later, however this methodology is a resonating accomplishment in my book. What’s more, at 295 Euro (generally $330) for the timely riser pre-request cost (it will bit by bit increment all through the mission to around 550-600 Euro),  it’s sure to be a hit.


Before going ahead, I should take note of that the watch appeared here is a model. The last creation model will highlight some critical changes:

  • The bezel will be refined, and it will have the right number of snaps (60).
  • The brilliant paint will be a more obscure, consumed color.
  • The case back plan may change.


Hands-On with the Nezumi Baleine

Case Stainless steel PVD Movement Seiko NH35 Dial Matte Black Lume Super-LumiNova Lens Double-domed sapphire Strap Nylon with elastic sponsorship; veg-tanned cowhide Water Resistance 200m Dimensions 40mm x 47mm Thickness 14.4mm Lug Width 20mm Crown screw down; 6 x 3.2mm Warranty Yes Price $330

The instance of the Baleine estimates 40mm across, 14.4mm thick, with a haul to-drag tallness of 47mm. Thickness aside, the case is to a great extent indistinguishable from that of the Voiture. For the size-cognizant, these extents are extraordinary for a lively plunge watch (evaluated here to 200 meters), and it’s such a sweet spot, maybe, for a scope of wrist sizes. The sub-50mm carry to-haul measurement is likewise a welcome touch, as that measurement is similarly as significant, if not more along these lines, as the width of the case.

From the top down, what you notice quickly are the turned/bombé carries. This is an exemplary plan detail, maybe most broadly utilized on the Omega Speedmaster. It’s an incredible look, and it presents the defense show up substantially more powerful face to face. Before I saw this watch in the metal, I had accepted that a portion of that would be lost because of the case being dark. Luckily, that isn’t so. As a result of the manner in which the drags play with the light, the bending areas get a few features, while the internal part stays a shadowy dark. The differentiation is very striking.


The crown is endorsed with Nezumi’s logomark. The case back is truly very much finished with profound drawing. The last creation configuration is liable to change.

From the side, the complexity of the case truly sparkles. The case is separated in a few sections, and like Zach noted in his survey of the Voiture, the breaks and undermines where the distinctive case parts meet cause the entire thing to appear to be more slender than it truly is. The bezel, and the manner in which it comes along with the twofold domed sapphire precious stone and the mid-case, might be my main thing from the plan. The bezel hangs past the mid-case marginally, and it is nearly saucer-like in its plan. In profile, it looks like the mid-case, with its ravishing dipping hauls, supports the bezel.

The bezel at that point is extremely material and has a definite snap with almost no play. The example here, as I noted above, has some unacceptable number of snaps, with the last creation model expected to highlight a conventional 60-click construction.

The bezel is one strong piece (no addition), so the exemplary jump markings are carved into the metal and painted white. The paint application at the scratched markers could be neater, and I desire to see an enhancement for this in the last creation run. At 12, there’s a raised glowing pip.


The twofold domed sapphire, which has AR on the underside of the precious stone, is still somewhat of a reflection magnet as you can tell from the photographs. All things considered, it is overstated in the photography. When you’re really wearing the watch, you don’t notice the reflections almost so much, nor do they look as dramatic.

The dial itself is a contort on the exemplary Explorer format. Huge Arabic numerals flank the 12, three, six, and nine spots, with tightening trapezoids at all different positions. Directly over the principle hours list is an hour/seconds track sprinkled with a 24-hour track at consistently position. Somewhere in the range of four and five is a date window with a date wheel that coordinates the dark dial.

The logo, logomark and “STOCKHOLM SWEDEN” are under 12, and the model name and profundity rating are directly over six.

The hands at that point are an exemplary needle plan for the hours and minutes. The seconds hands is a bolt with an extended tip and Nezumi logomark counterbalance—something we saw before on the Voiture. The hands are a grayish, material tone and look great matched with the vintage brilliant paint. Discussing the paint, the last creation model will highlight a more copied shading instead of the lighter, peachy tone tint we have here. I figure a more extraordinary consumed paint should look great against the dark, however I yield it may change the appearance of the watch. It’s difficult to say without seeing the last cycle face to face, so I’ll save judgement.

Overall, I very like the dial. There are some recognizable signs here, no uncertainty, yet the manner in which the entire thing comes together doesn’t feel subsidiary to me. I likewise like that it doesn’t truly appear as though a commonplace jumper dial one may see from a miniature brand.

Powering the Baleine is Seiko’s NH35A type, also called the 4r35 commonly found in mid-level Seiko watches. It hacks and hand-winds, has 24 gems, and highlights bi-directional winding.  It’s a moderately strong development assembled a decent family, and it should stand the trial of time.


On the wrist, the watch wears extraordinarily well. Since the measurements are now limited, and combined with the way that this is a dark cased watch with a vigorous bezel, the Baleine wears somewhat more modest than the numbers may recommend. The dark covering particularly pulls the entire thing in a lot. In general, it’s a truly comfortable watch, and if you’ve at any point worn the Voiture, the fit isn’t all that diverse here.

The watch comes on a coordinating dark nylon two-piece moved in elastic or on a vegetable-tanned two-piece calfskin. Both come with coordinating marked equipment. The tie provided with the example was entirely comfortable on the wrist, and it gave the entire bundle a dull, strategic look. For a touch of differentiation, another best approach is with something in wheat or tan–which would look incredible against the dark case and would play off the conditioned lume.

All in all, this is a strong sophomore exertion from the brand. While I appreciate the overall style of the dial, the genuine champion for me is the uncommon case. The manner in which its shaped, the manner in which it plays with the light, and the manner in which it wears simply works. In the event that dark watches aren’t your thing, the Baleine will be offered in two different variations, both in tempered steel cases.

The pre-request is as of now under way (truth be told, it just dispatched yesterday), so this is a significant arrangement at the current timely riser evaluating. Nezumi