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Hands-On with the Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart Watch

About a year prior, I went to a public interview in San Francisco where Frederique Constant and Alpina declared their recently created “ Swiss Horological Smart Watch Platform “. Simple watches with wellbeing following capacities that really looked like genuine watches. It was an intriguing idea, and a more shrewd response to the incoming “smart watch” sort than slapping a logo on a computerized watch.

To do this, they had collaborated with MotionX, a Silicon valley company with a great deal of involvement with the wellbeing tracker world. Past the usefulness, they ensured the watch was made to last more than run of the mill bits of tech. It was intended to be effective, with a 2.5 year battery, and has a secluded plan where parts of the development will actually want to be overhauled for a little expense. I truly loved that they made it, somewhat, have the lastingness of a genuine watch. It’s really a disgrace that most smart watches will wind up in landfills inside a couple of long periods of their purchase.

They additionally declared that this tech would be accessible to different brands for use, showing it in Alpinas (sister brand of Frederique Constant) and all the more strangely in Mondaines. Despite the fact that they just prodded the watch, it was striking in appearance, maybe seeming well and good as a stage for this new innovation. As opposed to make another stylish idea for their Smart Watch, they took their Helvetica 1 Bold watch and adjusted it. I audited the Helvetica watches last May, and discovered them to be really alluring and fascinating watches, so I was eager to perceive how the tech blended in. Quick forward a year, and I’ve presently had the delight of having the opportunity to attempt the Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart Watch out for myself.


The Mondaine Helvetica Smart Watch utilizes the case of the “bold” arrangement for an energetic form. Estimating 44 x 50 x 13mm, it’s a major watch, however one that wears somewhat more modest because of the short haul to-drag and decent extents. As I commented in my past Helvetica survey, the case configuration is extremely alluring. It’s not a cutout case using any and all means, with exceptionally intriguing points and aspects all through. For the typography geek, you’ll discover the “1” numeral, in Helvetica obviously, has been utilized to make the drag shape. A shockingly inconspicuous detail thinking about how strict of an interpretation it is.

From over, the case is misleadingly exemplary looking; it’s basically a circle with tightening carries coming out of it. A more drawn out look uncovers the astute “1” shape that comes up and meets the bezel, like it were holding it set up. A view from the side uncovers considerably more complexity. The mid-case isn’t a chamber, but instead has a conelike shape, first erupting and out, and afterward forcefully scaling back in, making an edge at the case’s amplest point. The bezel then mirrors this shape, making a slight under cut around the case edge. It’s the sort of plan that relies upon great machining to succeed, which it has and is really alluring a result of it.

The greatest contrasts between the first Bold and the Smart watch are the crown and the case back. There really is no crown, in the customary sense, but instead a press button at 3. This is utilized to synchronize the watch to your telephone, just as placed the watch into rest mode. Tastefully, it has little impact on the general plan, and still highlights the Mondaine cross on its external level surface. The case back is a lot bigger and more profound on the smart watch than the first, several millimeters in tallness to the watch. It’s bowl molded however, so it sits in the wrist, making the watch wear somewhat more slender than it sounds.


The dial of the Helvetica Smart watch is additionally adjusted from the Bold dial. It’s a decent format, with some cool “designer” turns that play off of the Helvetica typeface, and give the watch a cutting edge, realistic feel. The dial includes a similar essential list, which comprises of hour numerals at 12, 3 and 9, avoiding 6 for the date/progress sub-dial, long square shapes for different hours and little squares for the individual minutes. The hours and long square shapes are in dark, while the minutes are a similar tone as the dial surface, which in this occasion is a matte silver. The markers are each of the 3-dimensional, yet rather than being applied, they are really pushed up out of the dial material. Strangely, the text style is by all accounts more slender than the “Bold” on the Smart Watch, likely being the Regular font.

The large visual and useful distinction between the quartz and smart watch variants is the gigantic sub-dial at 6. Prior to getting into it, I’m a sucker for sub-dials, particularly larger than usual ones, so I promptly thought that it was exceptionally engaging. The sub-dial serves as a pointer-date marker and an advancement meter. Along these lines, inside are two hands and two files. The external list is the date in dark, including 31 squares with numbers each 5 dates, beginning at 1…so 1, 6, 11, etc… At the actual top of the file is a little moon, which shows when the watch is in rest mode.

The inward file is white and is an advancement meter dependent on a 100% scale. It has squares for each 5% and numerals each 25%. For the duration of the day, as you stroll around, the hand will advance around in relationship to your set advances objective. The thought being that you can simply look at the watch instead of access your telephone for your current progress.

It’s a bustling sub-dial, yet the utilization of shading coded hands and files makes it simple to peruse. By and large, I like the vibes of it and feel that the plan looks cool with a sub-dial. All things considered, I figure the components might have been adapted a smidgen more. Certainly, the typeface being utilized is Helvetica, yet the general plan of the sub-dial feels somewhat nonexclusive in the end.


So, the serious deal here is less the plan and more what the watch does. It’s not simply a watch, it’s a wellbeing tracker. I don’t actually figure it ought to be known as a “smart watch” as that recommends that it has cellphone ready usefulness. Or maybe, it has a pedometer/accelerometer that tracks steps and rest. While those are absolutely smart capacities, they are “quantified self” centered. Semantics aside, if you’ve at any point utilized one of the numerous other wellbeing GPS beacons out there, you’ll discover the Mondaine very familiar.

It’s a detached tracker, more often than not. You just wear it, and it does its thing. At the point when you need to draw in more profound, you take out your telephone, open the MotionX application, and sync the watch by pushing on the crown. This imparts a Bluetooth sign, the watch and telephone pair, and the information is downloaded to your telephone. The motivation to do this is to save the information and take a gander at long haul objectives and patterns by means of the “coach” part of the application. It’s actually very simple.

As somebody who has attempted trackers previously, I do like that it’s all incorporated into an appealing watch. I’ve worn Jawbone Ups and got irritated at having an additional thing on my wrist. I’ve gave cut a shot trackers, just to discover they tumbled off into the obscurity on NYC walkways. Along these lines, a watch coordinated tracker is an intelligent method to wear it.

The watch additionally records rest in one of two different ways. At the point when you rest, you push and hold the crown until it signals, which tells the watch that you’re getting some shut eye. With your telephone, you can tell the watch whether you will wear it when you rest, or spot it under your cushion. I decided on the last mentioned, as the watch is somewhat thick to wear while resting as I would see it (to be completely forthright, I don’t wear any watches while I rest as I think that its irritating). Under the pad worked, however I was concerned I’d thump it off of my bed, as I normally lay down with an arm under my pad. At the point when it records rest, it discloses to you when you were in light or profound rest and your general rest period. This at that point takes care of into your generally “coaching” goals.

Additionally, the watch can wake you dependent on your rest cycle. Thus, when you set your alert for 9am, instead of going off right now of 9, it goes off when you are in a light rest cycle, somewhere close to 8:30 and 9. I didn’t give this a shot with the watch, however I have utilized a comparative telephone application to do this for a couple years… brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you, when you utilize a rest cycle caution, you won’t ever return to your standard signal. You awaken substantially more revived and without that frightened sensation of being yanked out of profound sleep.

Beyond wellbeing following, the application is utilized to change the watch and keep the time. The crown on the watch isn’t utilized for changing time at all… everything comes from the telephone. This ensures that your watch is keeping extremely obvious time. All things considered, the hands can escape arrangement and afterward be changed from the application. I’m not certain what might take them askew, however the example, which has obviously been worn my few commentators, was a gnawed off. The application really allows you to change each hand distantly, turning clockwise or counter clockwise depending on the situation. It was a lot of enjoyable to change it, I need to say.

One of the upsides of the Horological Smart watch stage is expanded battery life. These watches get 2+ years per battery. Current advanced smart watches get undeniably less and need consistent re-energizing, which is essentially a genuine annoyance. I likewise appreciated that it wasn’t continually connected to my telephone. At the point when I attempted an Apple watch for a brief period, my greatest issue wasn’t the watch’s battery, it was my phone’s. The bluetooth depleted it at a shocking rate. That’s not an issue with the Mondaine at all.

Straps and Wearability

The Helvetica Smart watch comes mounted to a 20mm, straight cut earthy colored cowhide tie. It’s a generous lash that gives the watch a sportier, manlier feel. The cowhide is a hearty, matte earthy colored with slight difference sewing and generous cushioning. It’s a decent tie, however I think something tightened and somewhat more downplayed would have fit the watch better. It just requests to the watch’s lively side, and not its plan side.

On the wrist, the watch wears well, however huge. 44mm is wide regardless of what you look like at it, in addition to 13mm is tall. The 50mm haul to-carry however is average, so it doesn’t overstretch length astute. The stature is somewhat tempered by the bowl formed case back, however it does looks and feel thicker than the Bold Quartz plan. This is a watch that is intended to be worn day by day, as one would have to appropriately follow their information, so it is unquestionably most appropriate for individuals who like bigger watches or have greater wrists. On my 7″ wrist, I discovered it felt somewhat massive following a monotonous day. While I don’t understand what the development needs for size, I do think they are restricting their market by making it so large. The 40mm Helvetica Regular watches are undeniably more wearable across wrists of various sizes.


All in all, the Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart Watch and application do what they say and look great doing them. It’s tech based on a decent existing stage, MotionX, so it doesn’t have senseless issues that a first time item may. Be that as it may, I’m simply not certain how helpful it is. To the extent wellbeing trackers go, it’s costly at $950 MSRP. However, the cost increment isn’t Helvetica Bold in addition to wellbeing tracker, it’s a lot higher, over double the cost of the straightforward quartz form, and definitely more than the quartz rendition in addition to one of numerous other wellbeing trackers available. Moreover, there are telephone applications that do everything the watch does at any rate, and are free (Pacer and Sleep Cycle, for instance). Additionally, as somebody who changes their watch routinely, yet at the same time needs to monitor their means, and so on, it doesn’t offer any work-arounds.

But, if a simple watch combined with a wellbeing tracker is the thing that you look for, this is presumably the most appealing alternative out there. It’s a generally excellent looking watch and an exceptional one as well. I think the smart highlights incorporate well with the plan, so dissimilar to advanced smart watches, you kind of overlook those perspectives when they aren’t being used. Maybe my greatest remove is that the Helvetica Bold looks great with a major sub-dial, making me wish they’d return to past style “dumb watches” and draw out a Unitas controlled rendition, as it would look great.