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Hands-on with the Lüm-Tec Combat B23 Carbon

It’s not regularly that we’ll investigate a watch twice. Or on the other hand rather, two watches in a single arrangement. They just don’t normally offer sufficient distinction to trouble. Well… Lüm-Tec has reliably made cool new minor departure from their particular Combat line, a line of watches I for one find truly charming. The first occasion when they went over our work area, we investigated two models, one a programmed in steel, the other a manual injury in titanium. I enjoyed them both, a great deal. Following that, they carried one out in bronze with a green dial . This was a sufficient takeoff, in my eyes, from the past two to warrant another review… or perhaps I just missed wearing one, not certain. That one was fun, with a totally different feel from the past models.

Well, over the most recent a half year or so they’ve dropped a couple of more models, and began exploring different avenues regarding some new materials that truly intrigued me. Move over steel, titanium and bronze, and welcome the Combat B23 Carbon . The second watch we’ve seen out of “forged carbon”, or all the more basically a carbon composite, following the Tempest, the Combat appears as though it was made for this material. An enormous watch by plan, the light weight material takes the heap off, in a real sense, while the cool dark and dim surface plays off of the strategic subject of the line. As normal, the B23 Carbon highlights Lüm-Tec’s MDV lume, a Miyota 9015, sapphire gems front and back, is restricted to 199 units and has a sticker price of $925.

Lüm-Tec Combat B23 Carbon

Case: Carbon Composite and Titanium Movement: Miyota 9015 Dial: Black Lume: MDV Lens: Flat Sapphire Crystal Strap: 22mm cowhide + Rubber Water Resistance: 200m Dimensions: 43mm X 52mm Thickness: 12.5 mm Lug Width: 22 mm Crown: Screw Down Crown Warranty: 1 Year Price: $925


The case of the Combat B23 Carbon keeps a similar shape, size and plan as its metal siblings. Be that as it may, being made out of carbon composite over a titanium center, the watch has an exceptional mottled hue and a strikingly lightweight. It estimates 43 x 52 x 12.5mm with a level sapphire precious stone, making it a sizable watch, as all the Combats are, however with fair extents. I’ve consistently discovered these to be not difficult to wear for their size. The plan is trusted and valid. Straightforward, obtuse and direct. The mark coin edged bezel adds barely sufficient ornamentation to give the watch a cool character. In carbon, the bezel looks especially cool and a touch more subtle.

By utilizing carbon and titanium, they’ve cut down on the weight significantly, presently coming at 74g… just to place that in to viewpoint, a Maratac Mid on a cowhide tie comes in at about 84g, in spite of being a lot more modest, and the Combat Bronze came in around 104g, so around 25% heavier. It’s truly light, which truly makes the size mediocre and honestly makes the watch more reasonable. It’s a game watch totally, and since it flaunts a 200m WR ought to/could be worn as such.

The surface, shading and completing of the carbon add to the vibe of the watch. It’s matte, and generally a charcoal dark. Glancing in nearer, you can perceive how the surface is canvassed in irregular spots of grays and blacks to make the last tone. In contrast to the Tempest, the Combat doesn’t highlight enormous whirls, but instead has a more uniform dappling of shading. It does in fact have a “plastic” look and a vibe, yet doesn’t appear cheap… I guess that is subjective depending on each person’s preferences, however to me at any rate, the material clicks.

The enormous screw down crown at 3 is PVD titanium. They worked effectively of coordinating the tone here with a firearm metal sort covering instead of dark or crude titanium. Since the center is titanium as well, and there is stringing, I envision the carbon wouldn’t have the correct resiliences. Flipping the watch over, there is a titanium case back too, with a sapphire presentation window. Inside you can see the Miyota 9015 development, which has not been altered at all. A smoked sapphire precious stone might have been cool here. Utilizing titanium working on it back clearly helps hold the load down while likewise giving a hypo-allergenic surface, for the individuals who need such a thing.


The dial of the B23 is really equivalent to the one on the B19 Bronze, yet in dark as opposed to olive. I love the format of this dial and was glad to see it once more. It’s enjoyably vintage feeling, on account of such a hand painted looking numerals with their large delicate bends, however not really as to feel like a legacy. Or maybe, it comes across as this cool, nearly Americana military dial. Gruff, reckless and fun. Likewise, inconceivably readable day and night because of Lüm-Tec’s consistently heavenly MDV lume application.

The essential list comprise of numerals in said adjusted typeface, getting bigger at 12, 3,6 and 9. Close to each number is a lumed spot also, making additional accentuation. Surrounding the dial is then a moment/second list comprising of little numerals and hash marks in white. This adds some accuracy to the dial, and a marginally more current edge, while not reducing the huge, striking numerals. There is additionally the B24 model, which has a substantially more current design, with bigger and completely lumed markers each moment and an essential list for quite a long time/seconds instead of hours.

The matte dark surface and light green numbers function admirably together, as one would expect, yet additionally look incredible against the carbon case, making a range of blurred tones. I was happy to see that they kept the dial basic here. I know in the past they have had carbon fiber dials and so forth, however that would have been overkill.

Straps and Wearability

The B23 Carbon comes mounted to a 22mm charcoal dark nubuck tie. It’s straight cut and highlights dark sewing, 2 dark bolts for every side for a vintage pilot feel, snappy delivery spring bars and a firearm metal pre-v clasp. I’ve had blended emotions about some of Lüm-Tec’s lashes previously, however this one works for me, and all the more critically for the watch. The charcoal nubuck works with the carbon composite truly well, playing off of the blurred tones once again.

On the wrist, it’s the best wearing Combat B I’ve attempted up until now. The size is the equivalent, which is enormous yet passable, however the weight is so unique. This simply makes it simpler to wear, particularly on a warm summer’s day, which was the point at which I did the majority of my wearing of the B23. You just don’t notice it, which is amazing for a mechanical watch this size. Regardless, you’ll notice the cowhide tie before you notice the watch itself.

Aesthetically, indeed, it functions admirably. It’s like the exemplary PVD Combats, however more finished; practically patinated. The outcome is a yet more rough form of this all around masculine watch. Not actually one for the workplace, I’d wear this generally with heavier materials; denim, calfskin, material, and so on As noted, it’s additionally a decent outside, sports watch. Toss it on some nylon with a shirt shorts and a few shoes and head out.


Is third time the appeal? Indeed, particularly when times one and two were victories also. With the Combat B23 Carbon , Lüm-Tec added an incredible alternative to their generally effective line. For those intrigued by elective case materials, those searching for a lightweight watch, this is a shrewd and just cool looking alternative. While it’s as a matter of fact not progressive, and in the event that I previously possessed another Combat it probably won’t be adequately diverse to get, for new clients it offers something significantly more unique.

At $925, I realize individuals will complain about the valuing, yet it’s in accordance with Lüm-Tec’s different watches and honestly appears to be defended. I know, I know, yet it’s a Miyota 9015! Well… there’s more to the cost of a watch than basically what the least valued watch with similar components once cost. What’s more, concerning the current materials, to be specific the carbon, it’s difficult to say what the material was worth. In any case, in genuinely low amount, and with the combination development of carbon and titanium, I’d picture it’s at any rate however much their standard case cost. Toss in the sapphires, incredible lume, tuned development, lifetime timing changes (something scarcely any different brands do) and it doesn’t appear to be shocking, however it’s clearly not modest. In any case, if it’s a watch that intrigues you, and the cost is inside your spending plan, you’ll appreciate the watch.