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Hands-On with the Dan Henry 1947

Only a couple a very long time back, we had the joy of acquainting you with the Dan Henry assortment of watches. This set-up of watches shocked us. A sum of four distinct models, each coming in two varieties, were named after years from which they pulled their plans. Praises of sorts, some had clear references while others were more obscure, alluding to exceptional watches that the eponymous brand proprietor had gathered throughout the long term. The most astounding and maybe tempting part? Their costs. All through the assortment, DH kept up truly receptive costs, bringing these fascinating and notorious plans once again into the world.

Of the models we at first expounded on one truly stood apart to me, so I needed to invest some more energy with it. The 1947 model at $190, is the most reasonable of the Dan Henrys, and keeping in mind that a period just quartz, may punch higher than the rest in plan and finish. This watch is about the dial, which to my eyes is effectively outstanding amongst other executed dials of ongoing memory.


Hands-On with the Dan Henry 1947

Case Stainless Steel Movement Seiko VD78 Dial Silver Lume No Lens Domed Mineral Strap calfskin and nylon Water Resistance 50 Dimensions 40 x 48mm Thickness 12mm Lug Width 22mm Crown push-pull Warranty yes Price $190

The 1947 depends intently on an Omega Chronometer from the exact year, reproducing the dial almost 1:1. The case is then supposed to be founded on a Vacheron Constantin. Despite the fact that the two come from various sources, they go together flawlessly. Prior to getting too into it, I’ll start with the admonition that the 1947 has been scaled up from the first (33mm I accept) to 40mm with 22mm hauls. In spite of the fact that still an outwardly engaging watch that wears well, it’s definitely more easygoing than the dial maybe suggests.


The case itself is basic and amazingly professional. From above, it has flimsy carries with a slight shape and straight sides. The profile also is clear save a practically ornate detail on the drags where the lines make a round structure, and a huge domed mineral gem (with sapphire and AR coatings). What stands apart is the wrapping up. The lines of the case are entirely fresh, while all surfaces yet the side of the bezel are brushed. The one line of clean makes a dull difference that separates the case outwardly and basically looks incredible. Such a large number of “dress” style watches are completely cleaned, when as a general rule a blend of completions is more appealing. Flipping the watch over likewise uncovers a lovely case back with a profoundly stepped labyrinth design.

The superstar truly is the dial. It’s not simply the looks notwithstanding, it’s the degree of detail and completing that are pulled off remembering the sticker price, that is truly excellent. The outside of the dial is matte silver with a light surface. Differentiating the matte is a thick circle that has been radially brushed, and fills in as a setting for the applied hour file. Prior to getting to the markers, it’s worth calling attention to that the brushed region is laid out in dark. This is the sort of detail that can undoubtedly go astray as there is zero space for mistake. A quarter millimeter off and you can see the cover. As a rule, high accuracy costs more and details like this are evaded on reasonable watches to save.

The applied markers, which are either in cleaned steel or rose gold relying upon the model, shift back and forth between little arches and roman numerals. This is essentially an extremely appealing plan detail, particularly in rose gold, that further gives a false representation of the sticker price. Moving outwards, there is a hole followed by an encased moment file of flimsy dark lines. Additionally a detail from the first, this adds a specialized vibe to the dial, and brings concentrate inwards towards the hour file. The focal point of the dial is then set apart with a cross-hair, and highlights a sub-second dial at 6.

Another top notch include, the sub-seconds really is a layer underneath the principle dial, making a stage down. The edge of the pattern is marginally slanted and cleaned, which adds some difference, while the sub-dial surface itself has exemplary concentric circle graining. With everything taken into account, a ton of appealing detail in a little zone. For hour and moment hands, DH remained consistent with the Omega and went with an exquisite leaf shape that is marginally domed. They are completely cleaned and come in either rose gold or steel contingent upon the model. Indeed, they simply look superior grade. The sub-seconds hand is then a blued stick on both models.

On the wrist the 1947 looks incredible. At 40 x 48 x 12mm, it’s unquestionably bigger than one would expect for the style, which is somewhat of a downside. All things considered, it’s not upsettingly enormous, and really accommodates my 7” wrist rather well. With no guarantees, it’s to a greater degree a business-easygoing watch than a dress watch. Truly, the solitary measurement I hate is the 22mm carry width. It simply feels a piece heavy.

The expanded size additionally gives the dial all the more land, and as ought to be clear at this point, the dial is especially ravishing. It’s very even and doesn’t feel like it has an overabundance of void space. The rose gold assortment is particularly appealing. The case is then an unobtrusive background that adds surface very close, however doesn’t over sparkle the dial.

In the end, what you have for $190 is a watch that appears as though one that costs undeniably more, since certain pieces of it are caused like they to do cost more. Without a doubt, it’s quartz and has a mineral gem, however they needed to get to that value some how. What’s more, I think it’s a shrewd approach. It’s simple to consider dials to be all equivalent, after all numerous pricey watches have extremely straightforward, printed dials. Here, you have a degree of complexity and detailing that you truly don’t find frequently in dials (which additionally makes the way that the first is from 1947 really astounding), and is inconceivable under $200… or under $1000. Moreover, $190 is an exceptionally sympathetic value point. While I would likewise commend the dial if this watch was $1,000 with a mechanical (all things considered, a Peseux 7001 may cost more than that) I would likewise be more incredulous of the estimating, and so forth At $190, it’s kind of difficult to leave behind if the stylish advances to you.

For more information or to get one, head to: Dan Henry 1947