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Haldor Abissi 1000M Review

Any individual who gathers jump watches realizes that the market is packed with miniature brands, and they run the range from overrated feeble sauce (I won’t blame everything on anybody, however you know the blameworthy gatherings) to unbelievably very much made, value for-your-money pieces (Crepas, anybody?). By and large however, what you’ll find are strong, sensibly estimated jumpers with good specs. One miniature brand jumper that breaks out of this standard shape a lot is the crowdfunded Haldor Abissi 1000m.

The Slovenian-based Haldor Watch company got their beginning on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo with the objective of making a high-spec plunge watch for as low of a cost as could really be expected. They met and surpassed their financing objective, and had the option to create their Abissi jumper and convey it to their supporters. The Haldor Abissi retails now for around 600 Euros for those outside of the EU, which means about $637 for those of us in the States, and for that coin you get a ton of watch (in a real sense and figuratively).

The Abissi is a monster that isn’t for the weak of wrist, and it has authentic specs to coordinate (however more on that later). To the extent styling goes, it’s neither Earth-breaking nor is it that is old news boring—it sort of falls some place in the center. While it’s not actually one that lights my fire, I can perceive how people who are into enormous ol’ bonehead, piece of-steel jumpers would burrow it. In any case, the genuine story here is the form quality, which is absolutely great at a watch at this cost. Let’s get to it.


Haldor Abissi 1000M Review

Case 316L tempered steel Movement ETA 2824-2 (top-grade; changed in 5 positions) Dial Black Lume C3 Super-LumiNova Lens Sapphire with inside AR Strap Stainless steel arm band; carbon two-piece; nylon tie Water Resistance 1000 meters (offically affirmed by Swiss test research center) Dimensions 45.5mm x 57mm Thickness 15.5mm Lug Width 24mm Crown 7.5mm; screw down Warranty 2 years Price $637


The Abissi estimates 45.5mm wide by 57mm long and 15.5mm thick. While there are surely greater watches out there, this one simply looks and feels huge. The semi tonneau molded case is brushed all finished and highlights a rakish, mathematical plan with sharp points between the planes, giving it an exact, nearly mechanical look. The correct side of the case has rakish crown watches that hold the enormous 7.5mm crown protected back from getting thumped about. It’s a practical detail, however one that I additionally think searches useful for the style. The 24mm carries are somewhat short for my taste, yet they work out positively for the general plan of the case.

The bezel is unquestionably one of the better highlights of the Abissi. It is enormous, with profound machined grooves for a simple hold. It turns counter-clockwise with 120-ticks. The addition is made of Zirconia earthenware, which is rock solid. The addition has huge, profoundly engraved numbers for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, with minute hash marks for the initial 15 minutes in orange, and the remainder of the numbers in white. The just lume on the supplement is the dab in the triangle at 12 o’clock, Personally, I would have favored brilliant paint on the entirety of the numbers and hash marks. The bezel secures the somewhat raised, level sapphire precious stone which has an interior enemy of intelligent covering. Generally, this is a truly pleasant bezel with strong activity and little play.

All set up, the Abissi is appraised to a unimaginable (some may say unnecessary) 1000 meters of water resistance—which Haldor professes to have test-confirmed in a Swiss laboratory—so it ought to be protected from spillage except if you’re attempting to help Dirk Pitt raise the Titanic. What’s more, on the off chance that you do end up testing some profound waters, the programmed helium discharge valve on the left half of the case will hold your gem back from flying off when you reemerge. Generally speaking, this is great designing for the price.


The dial configuration is first rate and simple to peruse, and at the same time extremely natural. It is dark with huge, outlined numbers at 12, six and nine, and implement molded markers for the leftover hours. In like manner, a steel outlined date window sits at three o’clock, a position that renounces a portion of the dial evenness. I’m by and by not a fanatic of gliding date windows somewhere in the range of four and five, so it’s invigorating to see one at three here.

There is a huge Haldor “H” logo and “HALDOR” in raised chrome letters underneath the 12, and “Abissi, Automatic, 1000m/3300ft” over the six. Indeed, even with all the content, the dial doesn’t feel jumbled, and I figure the enormous 12, six and nine work really hard at drawing your consideration. The huge sword hands are lume filled, with the line of great importance hand painted white and the moment hand painted orange. An orange second hand has a lume-filled rectangular plot at the tip. The Super-LumiNova compound on the dial and hands is astounding, and like I composed above, it is not difficult to read—day or night.


The development is a top-grade ETA 2824-2, acclimated to five situations by Haldor. For those uninformed, the 2824 is an industry mainstay—it’s a 25-gem type with hand winding, hacking seconds and a speedy set date. Haldor claims the Abissi will keep time to around +4 sec/day, which they bring up is inside COSC specs, despite the fact that it isn’t really Chronometer ensured. All things considered, during my experience with the example, it kept opportunity to inside a couple of moments daily. Bunches of miniature brands are going towards Miyota or different developments to minimize expenses, however Haldor has figured out how to minimize the expenses and incorporate a top-grade ETA type, which is to be commended.

Bracelet, Additional Straps and Wearability

The Abissi comes on a beast of a wristband. It’s 24mm wide and very thick, and extremely hefty. It has strong, multi-faceted screwed joins, and a beefy flip-lock deployant clasp with security press fastens as an afterthought. I need to say that the wristband is very much made, and the clasp is magnificent. There are a few disadvantages, however. The connections are exceptionally close fitting which made eliminating and introducing them somewhat drawn-out, however not actually a serious deal. The greatest issue, in any case, is the additional load from the wristband, making this a touch of block on the wrist.

The Abissi is a monster, almost certainly, particularly on the arm band. I discovered the combo to be somewhat too huge and hefty for my preferences and comfort on my 7.25-inch wrist. Yet, I speculate that for those with greater wrists and additionally the individuals who truly like huge watches with some discernible heave, the Abissi is a winner.


As I composed over, the Haldor Abissi is a great deal of watch for the cash. Haldor’s objective of making a high-spec jump watch at the most minimal conceivable cost was an aggressive endeavor, however as I would see it they hit the imprint. You get an all around developed, 1000m-evaluated jumper with a sapphire precious stone, a fired bezel, extraordinary lume and a top-grade ETA 2824 for under $650, with a robust arm band and two additional ties for sure. Presently, tastefully, it’s clearly not for everyone.  It truly is a colossal watch, and I for one discovered it to be too huge and hefty to comfortably wear consistently. All things considered, I favor vintage watches and the sizes that accompany them, so this one isn’t truly in my “wheel house,” in a manner of speaking. Yet, For the individuals who appreciate enormous watches (and I know there are a ton of you out there), this watch is an expect the cost, and you won’t be disappointed.