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Grönefeld One Hertz – independent deadbeat seconds

Introducing “One Hertz”…  The world’s first wristwatch with independent lowlife seconds! After the Grönefeld GTM-06 tourbillon minute repeater, Tim and Bart Grönefeld made an outright high-light in the realm of horlogerie.

Dutch watchmakers Tim and Bart  Grönefeld present “One Hertz”, the world’s solitary ‘production’ wristwatch withindependent deadbeat seconds (secondes morte in French). Be that as it may, what is so uncommon about a free lowlife seconds complication? There are other watches with a  loser seconds complication , albeit very rare.

The Grönefeld One Hertz is one of a kind among wristwatches in that its bum seconds are fueled by an optional stuff train that is autonomous of the stuff train for the hour and moment indications. The lowlife seconds are driven from one origin barrel and the hours and minutes from another. Grinding with this framework is ensured to a flat out least and the complication has no unfriendly impact on the escapement and freesprung balance.

The Grönefeld One Hertz includes a brand new in-house created movement. Calibre G-02 is a hand-twisted development with two barrels giving 60 hours of force hold. One barrel is for the hours and minutes, the other barrel gives the force, through the auxiliary stuff train, for the loser seconds.

A wristwatch with loser seconds shows a recycled that progresses in full strides of one second rather than an evidently smooth clearing activity. This complication was an extremely regarded complication until the 1980s when it’s fame kicked the bucket with the strength of quartz developments, which likewise has a recycled that propels in full strides of one second. With their new One Hertz, with its remarkable auxiliary stuff train, Tim and Bart Grönefeld have revived this since a long time ago ignored complication and re-situated it where the complication began, on the platform of high precision.

Calibre G-02 indicates hours and minutes on a sub-dial at 2 o’clock, a huge sub-dial for the lowlife seconds, filling most of the dial with a force hold pointer at 12 o’clock, and a setting-twisting marker at 3 o’clock. This pointer shows chosen method of the innovative “push to set, push to wind” function.

The movement’s two heart barrels are twisted at the same time from the crown and give the Grönefeld One Hertz 60 hours of autonomy.

The determinations of the in-house created development used in the One Hertz, type G-02, are phenomenal:

  • 254 parts, 39 gems set in gold chatons it makes a rather enormous development: 35mm x 9.4mm
  • Two barrels, one for the going stuff train and one for the autonomous miscreant seconds system; the two barrels are twisted at a similar speed and a similar way, giving 60 hours of force reserve
  • The free-sprung Gyromax balance wheel has a breadth of 9.12mm and vibrates with a recurrence of 21’600 bph or 2.5Hz
  • Balance spring: Phillips terminal overcoil bend, triangle-style stud
  • Main Plate and bridges are done to the most significant level, likewise the parts no one else than the watchmaker will see
  • Two free stuff prepares each with their own energy source
  • Deadbeat seconds system: Independent instrument, cam with 30 teeth on the going stuff train on the seconds wheel, get away from wheel on the seconds wheel of the free stuff train, twofold switch with jeweled pallets
  • Winding-setting system: Push work crown for winding or setting
  • Power hold system: Classic Breguet style by methods for a cone going all over on the strung barrel arbour

Now enough talk… here is the new excellence! (snap to enlarge)

The hardened steel case estimates 43mm x 12.5mm and is water protection from a pressing factor of 3 atm or 30m/100feet. The sapphire gem is domed and with hostile to intelligent treatment on the two sides; the showcase back’s sapphire precious stone has anti-intelligent treatment on the inside.

  • In 2008, in the wake of working secretly in the background for the most renowned Swiss brands, Tim and Bart Grönefeld introduced the principal watch bearing their own name, the GTM-06 Tourbillon Minute Repeater.
  • In June 2010 Tim and Bart introduced their subsequent watch, the One Hertz, the world’s first wristwatch with free bum seconds and including a completely new in-house movement.

The One Hertz dispatches as a restricted version with the name “One Hertz 1912”. This was the year Tim and Bart’s grandfather began his vocation as a watchmaker. The name Grönefeld and the craft of watchmaking have a family ancestry spreading over almost one hundred years, representing a consistent, solid watchmaking family ancestry that is astoundingly uncommon to discover anyplace on the planet today.

The name of this restricted version, One Hertz 1912, as of now gives it away. It’s restricted to (just) 12 pieces… be quick if you’re intrigued by this amazing landmark in watchmaking history!

Check the  Grönefeld site and  Facebook page for more information.