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Grieb & Benzinger Blue Wave based on vintage Minevra column wheel chrono

Grieb & Benzinger are known for interesting very good quality complicated wristwatches. Their most up to date watch is the Blue Wave with a wonderful skeletonized vintage Minerva segment wheel chronograph development.

Grieb & Benzinger make special watches dependent on recorded exemplary developments and recognized magnum opuses from the time frame somewhere in the range of 1880 and 1930. Over the course of time, these superb developments from brands like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Minerva are simply holding back to be rediscovered. Also, that’s precisely what Grieb & Benzinger means to do with their Platinum Editions.

The new Blue Wave is such a watch. In light of an excellent vintage Minerva mono-poussoir (or single catch) chronograph with a section wheel, they made an extremely extraordinary watch. The development is most likely from 1925 and after it’s been in the possession of expert watchmaker Hermann Grieb and expert etcher Jochen Benzinger it’s fit to be appreciated for some, numerous years once more.

The interest for uncommon, excellent chronographs has expanded. Actually i’ve been scanning the web for as far back as barely any year for a wonderful mono-poussoir chronograph with section haggle know it’s elusive such a development. So Grieb & Benzinger’s new watch, the Blue Wave, is something that makes my heart beat faster.

In its prime, Minerva was one of the best and best chronograph makers on the planet. Chronographs had just been in presence since around 1800, anyway Minerva was one of the main chronograph creators to consolidate brief counter. After a complete rebuilding, the development is hand skeletonized and hand-engraved. Each of the 34 steel screws were cleaned by hand and blued over an open fire. After the skeletonization the principle plate is guilloche brightened and covered with blue platinum (a commonplace brand name of Grieb & Benzinger).

The extensions and cocks are rhodium-plated and furthermore guilloche beautified and the hand-engraved equilibrium rooster is rhodium-plated and rose gold-plated. Indeed, even the wheels are rose gold plated. This piece extraordinary looks brilliant and with a 18 ct rose gold case with a width of 46mm I think it’s a sheer beauty!

There may be one fortunate watch enthusiast on the planet, to have the delight of wearing this restrictive watch on his (or her) wrist. The cost for the Grieb & Benzinger Blue Wave piece interesting is € 87,500