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Great exhibition in Geneva – Mechanical Watch Graffiti

Tempus Fugit, or deciphered Time Flies, is a show of spray painting workmanship showing mechanical developments. An absolute necessity for anybody in Geneva who likes mechanical watches, and I surmise in a city like Geneva that will be numerous people. 

Magaldi Xavier has been a spray painting craftsman since the mid 90’s. Other than that he is a watchmaker. In his work he combines these two ‘metiers’ making a remarkable view on mechanical developments. His presentation called Tempus Fugit can be seen in at the Cité du Temps in Geneva until April 29th.

Something about the artist

The painting beneath is called Tourbillon and Xavier Magaldi additionally made more works of art with names like Quantième Perpetuel (unending schedule), Chronographe or Répetition (minute repeater).  When you’re not in the situation to visit the presentation, than look at his site here .

Painting show Tempus Fugit

March 28 to April 29, 2012

The City of Time Gallery (Deck Machine) – Geneva

From 9am to 18pm consistently (free admission)