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Girard-Perregaux puts watchmakers in the spotlight

After dispatching another site, an owner’s portal and the presentation of another online life-style magazine (blog) as declared by our companions of Hodinkee , we can report that Girard-Perregaux will put their watchmakers in the spot-light.

Girard-Perregaux has obviously numerous gifted watchmakers. Not an amazement, in light of the fact that making altogether new watches and new types in-house, similar to the GP 1966 Chronograph 42mm that was delivered a week ago, requires a variety of abilities. It requires numerous long stretches of training and a great deal of ability, to become the following Dominique Loiseau . 

Girard-Perregaux has decided to feature the abilities of large numbers of their talented youthful watchmakers and moreover to interface their professional exercises to their private life. The youthful watchmakers will visit round the world and present their skills in New York, Beijing and Paris. At the site The New Faces of Tradition , you can see the watchmakers and read more about them.

Maybe you wonder why GP will place their watchmakers at the center of attention and even discussion about their own lifes? As a matter of first importance it shows the genuine superstars, similar to it is consistently the situation with Independent Watchmakers. Another explanation may be that watchmakers and watchmaking abilities are becoming increasingly more scarce.  Mastering the old ‘metier’ of watchmaking requires a long time of difficult work. So by showing these ‘normal’ youngsters, Girard-Perregaux could maybe inspire more youngsters to consider a carreer as watchmaker. 

The visit will start with an uncommon occasion at Cipriani Dolce in New York City, where visitors will have the chance to take an interest in an inside and out one-on-one workshop with the watchmakers. The workshops will exhibit the complexities of the developments and remember hands-for exercises on how they are fabricated. New York City is just the principal stop of The Girard-Perregaux Young Watchmakers Tour. In the not so distant future the worldwide visit will proceed onward to Beijing, Paris and a few other cities. Furthermore, Girard-Perregaux will include the most recent 2012 oddities and Museum pieces from its recorded files.

It seems like a fascinating occasion and I’ll unquestionably be looking forward to visiting the Young Watchmakers Tour in Paris, which is nearest for me.

Check out  The New Faces of Tradition and Girard-Perregaux’s new online life-style magazine Mechanics of Style .