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Gallery: Seiko 6139-6002 Pogue

This vivid, barrel molded magnificence acquired a unique position among 6139’s by having been worn by Colonel William Pogue in space on the 1973 Skylab 4 mission. This acquired it the post mortem remunerated position of first programmed chronograph in space. Anything that goes to space is quickly a couple of focuses cooler than its earth bound partners, yet a piece of what makes this specific story so extraordinary is that Col. Pogue took it up without approval, wearing it to his left side wrist, while brandishing his NASA endorsed Speedy on his right.

Story aside, these watches are really dazzling and pretty imaginative. The blend of shadings from the Pepsi bezel to the brilliant sun beam dial is shockingly alluring. I’m not one for much tone on my watch dials, however the Pogue simply works. It’s reviving and classy, playing off of the blue and red in the tachymeter. The case is a barrel in obvious Seiko style, with unusual lines that bend in towards the dial, and sharp aspects on the hauls. There were numerous cases utilized on 6139’s, and this is maybe the most unmistakable. On the first H-interface arm band, it comes together to be probably the coolest chronograph ever made.

One plan include that I believe was surprisingly relatively revolutionary, was the multi-work crown. Incredibly, the Pogue, and its blue and silver dialed siblings, included pivoting inward bezels. That’s chill the bat for a chrono, yet it’s the way that the principle crown serves as the bezel crown that astonishes me. At the point when the crown, which you may see is flush with the side, is in typical position, it tends to be pivoted to turn the bezel. You at that point push it in 2-stops to change the day, 1-stop to change the date, and haul it out one stop to change the time… This watch is from the 70’s! No brand does anything like that today, and on the off chance that they did you realize they think they are the most inventive brand on earth. Well… Seiko, 70’s, been there, done that.

Now, to the extent watches go, these are quite common, yet the one here is really exceptional for its condition. The disadvantage of Seiko Pogues, and let this be an admonition to you in the event that you need to run out and discover one, is that like numerous other Seiko’s (and vintage looks besides) they have been hacked up and reassembled with wrong or new parts. Contingent upon what you are paying and your objective for claiming the watch (for example just to wear and appreciate, or to hold and exchange), a stylishly precise new part isn’t a major issue. A mistaken part anyway ought to be kept away from. What’s more, in the two cases, the cost ought to be correct. Pogues range several hundred to more than $1,000 for incredible condition. Here is an astounding discussion from WUS with numerous connections that can help you on your chase. So, appreciate the photos of this close to consummate Pogue!