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Gallery: Heuer Autavia 1163V Viceroy

The other week, I had the chance to wear a Heuer Autavia 1163V “Viceroy” for a couple of days, acquired from Crown & Caliber’s Heuer 100 sale. A famous watch with an incredible story, they are exceptionally pursued, however still “relatively” moderate the extent that the vintage market goes. We’ve covered Autavias previously, however a prior model, the 2446C. This particular form of the Autavia, the 1163V, turned out in 1972 and was accessible for only $88 through an advancement by means of Viceroy cigarettes. It contrasts in a couple of ways from other 1163’s, to be specific highlighting a tachymeter bezel and full numerals on the hour sub-dial, however the overall plan and shading stayed the same.

I’ve come across them previously, however never got the opportunity to truly wear one. Truly, they never truly shouted to me, particularly when put on a table close to other 60’s/70’s chronographs. They came up short on the refinement of Carreras, the style of Speedmasters or the unadulterated cool of Universal Geneve Compaxes. They’re huge and burdensome with barrel cases and practically plain dials. This at first caused them to appear to be maybe excessively current, yet it’s this very detail that really makes them so engaging in the end.

They are present day watches, route relatively revolutionary. Indeed, if a brand came out with a plan like that today, ignoring the left side crown, you wouldn’t flutter an eyelash. At 42mm, with a tall, stout bezel, they are strong and strong. The general barrel shape gives it a forceful presence, while a blend of brushing and cleaning adds some required style. The opposite panda dial needs particular subtleties, rather zeroing in on clarity and evenness. The traces of red on the external record and hands adds the entirety of the character its requirements. Simply a dash of energy in something in any case emotionless and reason built.

Combined with a unique Gay Freres globules of rice wristband, it’s a sharp, but exceptionally manly watch. It turned out pleasantly for a bigger watch on my 7” wrist, particularly for a programmed chronograph. Because of the case having a few segments and the mid-case bending, it didn’t appear to be exceptionally tall, a common issue with chronos. Stylishly, the car sport styling looks extraordinary with my typical work wear clothing of pants and oxford and boots. The dabs of rice arm band, not something I would have ordinarily been pulled in to either, added some cool surface and refinement to the package.

I wore it (as a matter of fact softly as it was acquired and important) for a couple of days and it immediately developed on me. It’s simply a simple game watch to wear, and keeping in mind that on the table not the most energizing watch ever, on the wrist an interesting and a la mode piece. Watches these days may attempt to catch the cool of 60’s and 70’s watches, yet it was the actual absence of attempting that made them the manner in which they are. Realize one realized they were making symbols, they just did. The way that a couple of the subtleties that make this watch work happened to separate it for a cigarette brand simply adds to the unconstrained and unintentional nature of these plans. No center gatherings, no “vote for your favorite” campaigns.

These days 1163Vs are quite accessible on the vintage market, with sticker prices in the $3,500+ territory. Not exactly reasonable, but rather not terrible for a Heuer/vintage exemplary. Along these lines, if you’re searching for a notable watch with a story yet aren’t attempting to spend a ton, they are a nice alternative. Furthermore, as said, they wear like a strong present day watch, which not each of the 40 year old watches can guarantee. Because of Crown & Caliber for allowing me to give this one a shot. Presently appreciate the gallery!