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Gallery: Croton Chronomaster Aviator Seadiver

Now and again I come across watches that individual gatherers own that are so exquisite, they are difficult to relinquish. Well… ordinarily I need to, yet this time I had the chance to acquire one such watch, a wonderfully matured panda-dial Croton Chronomaster Aviator Seadiver. In the event that you’re curious about these semi-dark, amusingly named chronos, go look at our Affordable Vintage article on them. They’re cool pieces with a shockingly current size at 39mm, incredible form quality and a great deal of style. The one appeared here is possessed and destined to be available to be purchased by our companions at 10:25 Vintage , who center around more reasonable vintage pieces.

What’s striking about it is that it’s one of the more uncommon panda renditions, to begin, and in outstanding condition. Things are obviously matured, giving you an incredible patina, yet nothing investigates worn, cleaned or supplanted. And afterward there’s the lume… that ideal, corrosive orange tritium that gatherers petition find. It looks stunning against the brilliant white surface. Given the handset, it’s from the 60’s, making the condition even more noteworthy. Also, obviously, inside is a quality Valjoux hand-wound chronograph development, a similar one you’ll find in Heuers of the time.

So, appreciate this exhibition of photographs of this flawless watch (I several my ’69 Hamilton Chrono-Matic in there as well, just ’cause they looked close to one another) and make certain to look at 10:25 for more vintage watches.