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Free Grand Seiko Japan Seasons Magazine – Get Your Copy Now

For Grand Seiko USA, we made a little magazine on the four unique version replica magic to commend the Japanese 24 seasons. Moreover, we cover the first 62GS configuration to have a superior comprehension of the current models. To wrap things up, there’s an article on Grand Seiko’s Hi-Beat and Spring Drive movements.

This magazine is made for the US showcase and can be found in some of their stores. As far as you might be concerned, we have an advanced duplicate of the Grand Seiko magazine accessible for download. At the point when you are a Grand Seiko fan, there’s most likely not a lot new for you to find, yet I am certain you will appreciate it anyway!

Grand Seiko Magazine

This 16-page magazine covers three articles. There’s one major article on the four new replica magic that commend the 24 sekki. These are the Taisetsu (winter), Shunbun (spring), Rikka (summer), and Shubun (pre-winter). Grand Seiko delivered these replica magic a year ago for the US market (only). The other two articles cover the 62GS legacy and the Spring Drive and Hi-Beat developments utilized for this assortment of four Grand Seiko watches.

Free Download

This magazine is free for you to download, just click here to get the PDF from our website . We’d like to express gratitude toward Grand Seiko USA for this collaboration and we trust you will appreciate the articles in this e-magazine. On the off chance that you need an actual duplicate, if it’s not too much trouble, check with Grand Seiko in the US.