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Field Test: @TheVanMan Takes the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 For a Spin

I had seen the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 around the entomb networks, discussions, and Instagram a long time prior to getting one on my wrist. It had grabbed my attention from far off on looks alone—gun-metal dim titanium case and arm band with charming blue subtleties on the dial. Steinhart is known to deliver excellent pieces at a wallet amicable value point. The greatest thump against them is their emphasis on delivering respect watches drawing rather vigorously from notable works of art. The Ocean 1 Titanium 500, in any case, is a perfect representation of how great they can be the point at which they branch out a piece. I was excited to at last take one for a spin.

My early introduction of the Ocean Titanium 500 once I’d torn open the transportation box was, “Wow, this is madly light!” I’ve took care of a couple of titanium looks after the years, and the difference to a steel watch on a coordinating arm band finds me napping without fail. I wore the Ocean Titanium on a couple of long climbs in the mountains. Typically I’d pair a steel watch with an elastic or nylon mil-tie to keep things light, yet I kept this one on its wristband and scarcely saw it on the wrist. The drawback to all that delicacy is well documented—titanium is more inclined to scratches, twirls, and scrapes than steel, and the harm will in general be more obvious when it’s there. By and by this isn’t an issue for me, especially with a device watch that I wouldn’t wear with a suit, yet it is something to remember whether scratches make you cringe.

The case plan of Ocean Titanium works effectively utilizing exemplary lines while as yet feeling and looking altogether current. While it’s recorded at 42mm—and by and large 42mm is the furthest reaches of what I prefer—I found that it wears significantly more modest on my 7.5-inch wrist. Two components seemed to add to this. To start with, the dial has a sloped inward part ring that’s unpretentious and inconspicuous, however it gobbles up some land on the dial making it feel somewhat more modest. Second, at a thickness of simply 13mm, the Ocean Titanium boats a generally dainty case, especially for a 500m watch.

The bezel merits some consideration. It’s totally wonderful; there’s actually no alternate method to depict it. It includes a ceramic supplement with BGW9 Super-LumiNova and it truly pops, glancing practically wet in the correct light as though you’ve just arose out of a plunge. The scalloping on the bezel is profound and offers a simple grasp, however I discovered it to be a bit solid in application.

Turning the watch over I was shocked to see a presentation back. It’s not all around common on plunge watches and surely not on those appraised to 500 meters. All things considered, one gander at the development and it’s clear why Steinhart did it. The Ocean Titanium flaunts a pleasantly completed Soprod A-10 development enhanced with blued screws, perlage, and a custom brilliant Steinhart rotor. It looks brilliant and it’s a pleasant element to impart to those inquisitive regarding what watch I was wearing.

The dial feels impacted by the Benrus Type 1 military plunge watch, and it does as such positively. It’s strong and effectively readable with liberally lumed records and sword hands. The utilization of blue on the dial truly stuck out. It’s an incredible shading that matches the blue glow of BGW9 and carries oceanic dreams to mind. Combined with the delightful bezel, I ended up handling various inquiries from the two WIS and laypeople the same. The date function—a complication I for the most part don’t really want to have on my watches since it will in general disturb the dial—is incorporated well in the 6 o’clock position and was truly useful.

In the end, the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 demonstrated itself not exclusively to be a looker, yet phenomenal in real life. I took it climbing, summited a few mountains, taken part in a two-day fly fishing course, reconstructed a deck, and occupied with some offhand stream side experiences. I came to truly value how low profile it was with the more slender case and the daintiness of the titanium. It’s the principal watch I’ve worn with a fired bezel and it truly intrigued me. I would have wanted to see penetrated hauls for snappy tie trades, however those appear to be uncommon from most brands. All that I’d heard and read about the Ocean Titanium 500 was positively demonstrated and at this value point it’s genuinely intense to beat. It’d work well for any experience you may have.

Photo credit: Gale Straub