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Experiment ZR012 by C3H5N3O9 a.k.a. MB&F and URWERK

The collaboration between two of the world’s most creative watch brands is one of a kind and the outcome is essentially amazing! Whether we consider Experiment ZR012 an affection infant of MB&F and URWERK or their rats youngster, the creation under the name C3H5N3O9 unites the most amazing aspect the two driving forces of the contemporary watch world.

One in addition to one is… three. I know, mathematically that isn’t right. Notwithstanding, a participation like this could without much of a stretch outcome in something not exactly the whole, for this situation it has lead to something explosive… C3H5N3O9 isn’t just the name of this horological experiment, it’s additionally the sub-atomic recipe for nitroglycerine!

The idea

The first thoughts began when Felix Baumgartner and Maximilian Büsser ate on a Geneva patio in the mid year of 2008. URWERK organizers, Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei had an idea highlighting Wankel motor enlivened signs, that they had not at this point created, and they recommended that their constructor Cyrano Devanthey could create and deliver a development dependent on that.

MB&F accomplices Maximilian Büsser and Serge Kriknoff collaborated with free watch creator Eric Giroud (liable for the plan of a few MB&F watches and those of Heritage Watch Manufactory ) to plan and deliver the case. Experiment ZR012 was conceived and as per the site, they are no extravagance brand, they are an experimental stage. I’m inquisitive if this will prompt more staggering experiments, anyway let’s first examine the ZR012!

Background information

So, let’s proceed onward to the mechanics. The hour and moment sign is motivated by a Wankel motor. The Wankel motor was created in 1919, by the 17-year-old German kid called Felix Wankel. After five years Felix created a little lab to build up his rotating motor and at last tried the principal model in 1957, more than thirty years after his first designs.

The Wankel motor depends on an arched triangle rotor that pivots inside an  epitrochoid  combustion chamber. Since an epitrochoid is a complex shape it includes genuinely complex mathematics, to sort out the specific measurements and shapes. From more than 800 shapes considered, Wankel examined almost 150 designs and varieties prior to finding the ideal arrangement. This was obviously far before there were computers!

Many vehicles brands (Alfa Romeo, American Motors, Citroen, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Suzuki, Toyota and even Rolls Royce) signed authorizing arrangements to build up their own Wankel motor, anyway it show up rather hard to deliver a decent working version.

Also Norton Motorcycles developed a Wankel rotational motor for motorcycles, which was remembered for their Commander and F1. Mazda and NSU signed an investigation agreement to build up the Wankel motor in 1961 and competed to put up the primary Wankel fueled auto for sale to the public. It was NSU who was first with a Wankel car marked down, the sporty  NSU Spider  in 1964, anyway they appeared to have issues with a seal. It was really Mazda who effectively sent a Wankel motor in the 1967 Cosmo 110S . Doesn’t this vehicle watch out-of-this-world-cool?


Wankel was the first to utilize an epicyloid in an inner combustion motor; Experiment ZR012 is the first to utilize an epicyloid signs in a wristwatch. At first look the time gives off an impression of being shown by midway pivoting three-sided rotors. Notwithstanding, the triangles are entirely called Reuleaux triangles ; they turn unpredictably rather than halfway and track complex epitrochroid bends rather than circles, as in the Wankel engine.

To make the complex state of great importance and moment epitrochroid bends with the high accuracy required, 180 separate focuses were plotted. There is resistance of only o.2omm between the three-sided rotors and the hour and moment checked epitchroids encompassing them.

The Reuleaux triangle formed rotors are unpredictable, meaning they are not mounted straightforwardly to the focal pinion that typically holds the hands. Setting this up effectively in assembly demands extensive time, expertise and patience!

At these little measurements, the thickness of one tooth on the cog wheels isn’t adequately fine to unequivocally adjust the hour and moment wankels – ordinarily you change by a complete tooth. To guarantee amazingly high accuracy change, the fixed wheels can be pivoted marginally (then re-fixed) to permit fine change and synchronized exactness between the hour and moment indicators.

Indication of hours and minutes

Experiment  ZRO12 shows hours and minutes with two Wankel motor offbeat turning Reuleaux triangle-formed rotors. Hours are shown by the lower rotor  and the ‘corners’ of great importance rotor have short red stripes that demonstrate the real hour along the front of the ‘dial’.

Minutes are demonstrated by the more modest upper rotor, that likewise includes short red stripes at each ‘corner’ to show the minutes along the moment list scale.

Case and lugs

The instance of Experiment ZR012 is made of zirconium . Visually zirconium is like titanium and is exceptionally impervious to corrosion. The drags are in titanium. The verbalized front drag and compound back haul are intended to wrap ergonomically around the wrist and guarantee a significant degree of comfort. Something we have seen before on the MB&F Horological Machine 4 and as a matter of fact I can tell this in reality work perfectly. The case measurements are very critical, with 55mm x 44mm (barring drags), which makes it considerably more significant that MB&F and fashioner Eric Giroud focused fair and square of comfort.

A power hold pointer is obvious on the opposite side of the case and shows the amount of the 39 long periods of self-rule are left before ZR012 must be wound again.

Price and availability

Experiment ZR012 is restricted to 12 pieces in Zirconium that will be accessible this year. One year from now, 2013, C3H5N3O9 will deliver 12 pieces in red gold. Experiment ZR012 is accessible for 110,000 Swiss francs (in addition to post and any pertinent taxes).

More data about the accessibility and specialized particulars can be found on the  C3H5N3O9 site .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, leader manager for Monochrome Watches .