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Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph ref.2499

From time to time, there are articles expounded on our number one subject, articles that are genuinely extraordinary and an unquestionable requirement read. Ben Clymer, leader manager from Hodinkee, just composed such an article. An article that shares incredible information, intriguing realities and energy all with regards to one story. 

This story is about the lone platinum Patek Philippe ref. 2499, a ceaseless schedule chronograph, that is in private hands. In the possession of no one less that Eric Clapton, who is single-(moderate)- handedly answerable for me beginning to play guitar. At this point the majority of my companions have pardoned him, so I’d like to feature another energy we have in common… watches and for this situation a specific watch he offers available to be purchased at the upcoming Christies sell off in Geneva.

On Monday November 12, Christies will sell the lone platinum Patek Philippe 2499 in private hands, making this an inconceivably uncommon second for authorities from around the planet. It’s like an uncommon artwork or a Chinese Ming container, albeit this specific Ming jar (click here ) that was essential for the Meinyintang assortment was unloaded for a stunning 21,6 million USD. That makes this Patek 2499 look practically moderate, with a pre-deal gauge of $2,700,000 to $4,200,000.

One more wrist shot of this dazzling Patek ceaseless schedule chronograph on Ben’s wrist and then  bounce over to Hodinkee’s “Letters from the editor”- tale about this Patek Philippe ref. 2499 .

For this Patek 2499 and other watches up for sale, look at the Christies online inventory (or download it) here . The sale will be in Geneva on November 12.

This article I composed by Frank Geelen, leader supervisor for Monochrome Watches .