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Doxa Sub – first dive watch with Helium Escape Valve

The Doxa Sub plunge watch is celebrated for it’s orange dial and turning bezel to compute no-decompression times. Very few individuals realize that Doxa was the first to have a freely accessible jump watch with a Helium Release Valve.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s the Rolex Submariner and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms appeared there was a business opportunity for jump watches. It took Doxa untill 1967 preceding they chose to add a jump watch to their collection.But when they did this, they did it right. For the turn of events and testing they collaborated with U.S. Jumpers . Around then Jacques Cousteau was director of U.S.Divers and his experience and that of other jumpers, was of fundamental incentive for the advancement of the Doxa Sub 300T, Doxa’s first plunge watch. The Doxa Sub 300T was the main jump watch with an orange dial and a turning bezel with decompression times.

The orange dial and differentiating dark hands makes perusing time submerged simpler. The orange dial is right around a brand name of the Doxa jump watches and  is one of the average highlights planned as a team with U.S. Jumpers. The pivoting bezel with the official US Navy air jump table for no-decompression plunges engraved onto its surface, is likewise one of these normal highlights. The watch could be utilized to figure decompression times so jumpers realize how long they need to stand by untill they can make their next plunge. U.S. Jumpers purchased the Doxa Sub 300T in largequantitiesand exchanged the watch in the United States. It was a moment hit with jumpers and immediately sold out upon its introduction.

Doxa was not just the first with an orange dial plunge watch and a pivoting bezel with decompression times, yet Doxa was additionally the first to carry a jump watch with helium get away from valve on the shopper market. Particularly the Rolex Sea-Dweller is notable for the helium get away from valve and is often seen as the main plunge watch with this element. It was anyway Doxa who delivered the 300T Conquistador with helium get away from valve in 1969. Rolex additionally made a plunge watch with a helium get away from valve yet this was simply offered to commercial jump companies like COMEX. It took Rolex untill 1971 (some say 1972) preceding they delivered a Sea-Dweller with helium get away from valve for the purchaser market.

Helium Escape Valve

When plunging at incredible profundities, jumpers often go through hours or even days in jumping chimes. In a jumping ringer the pressing factor is a lot higher than at the surface and jumpers breathe a gas blend that contain the gas helium. Since helium particles are the second littlest found in nature, this gas can work its way inside the watch.

This is no issue as long as long as the jumper stay under pressure.But when the plunge ringer restores, the pressing factor in the plunge chime diminishes and at this makes the helium inside the case extend. The development pressure contrast makes the helium need to escape from the watch. This could make harm the watch, such as making the gem pop off.

Most watch companies at the time just made a considerably more vigorous case/gem development. Rolex and Doxa anyway thought about an alternate idea when they co-made the helium get away from valve in the 1960’s. A little, single direction valve incorporated in the watch case that permits pressure develop inside the watch to escape.

Doxa left a mark on the world by delivering the principal commercially accessible jump watch with a Helium Release Valve in 1969. A year ago Doxa delivered the Sub 5000T, at long last another Doxa with a Helium Releave Valve.

Doxa re-issues

Soon after the presentation of the Sub 300 T the Swiss watch industry went into an emergency as a result of the accessibility of modest quartz developments from Japan. Doxa joined a gathering of Swiss watchmakers to combine assets, however in the long run fizzled and Doxa stopped tasks in 1980. Since August 2002, Doxa was resuscitated again and has presented re-versions of its notable watches in restricted amounts. The main re-version was the Sub 30o T, destined to be trailed by the Sub 600T and other re-releases. Doxa watches are sold by means of the Doxa site and at the time i’m composing this they offer restricted quantities of the Doxa Sub 1000T and Sub 5000T at an extraordinary diminished cost !

Just for no particular reason a photograph of the Doxa 600T Sharkhunter, a watch I lament having traded… desire to locate a pleasant one again some time.


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