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Details of the Gronefeld One Hertz caliber G-02

Dutch watchmakers Tim and Bart Grönefeld are near completing their new self created watch, the Grönefeld One Hertz. For the development they settled on some quality decisions!

Recently I visited Tim and Bart Grönefeld to observe how they completed pieces of the new type G-02. This development has a few unprecedented highlights and is intended to last a couple of lifetimes. The principal thing that everyone will see is the seconds hand that bounces with a speed of one hertz (consequently the name) or one hop each second. Indeed, it includes a seconde morte or miscreant seconds, however no ‘ordinary’ bum seconds! This is the principal wrist watch highlighting an autonomous bum seconds. This implies that one origin drives the hour and moment hands and the other fountainhead drives the bum seconds hand.

Later I’ll post about how the Grönefelds developed this excellent complication. Another element, which the vast majority of you will presumably quickly like in the event that you work it, is that by essentially squeezing the crown you can switch between winding the watch and setting the time. So you don’t need to unscrew the crown and pull a few times to do various things. Presently you can essentially push the crown to change it’s work and the marker on the dial (W/S) shows the dynamic function.

The new Grönefeld G-02 is exceptional morely. The extensions are made of tempered steel. Typically connects are made of metal or on more costly watch they’re made of German silver. Treated steel is a harder material and subsequently more scratch safe. Other than that it likewise looks totally shocking when it’s finished.

Another unordinary decision is the connection of the extensions to the mainplate. Generally connects have two feet and one screw to get the scaffold. All extensions of type G-02 have two screws, which are gotten by two ‘pieds vis’ through the scaffold. The pieds vis hold on in a recessed piece of the extension. This is additionally not exclusively done in light of the fact that it looks great, yet this gets connects much better to the mainplate.

Here’s the reason this connection of the scaffolds makes a huge difference:

  • Mainplates are often rhodinated; a cycle that adds approximately 0,003 mm to all sides of the mainplate. This implies that 0,003 mm is additionally added to within the openings penetrated for the feet of bridges.
  • Bridges are additionally often rhodinated, which again implies an extra 0,003 mm to each side of the extension including the feet.
  • This implies 0,012 mm additional metal, perhaps causing rubbing when fitting scaffold feet in the mainplate.
  • If a watchmaker incidentally scratches the scaffold or mainplate during the completing, that part will be rhodinated again and extra millimeters are added.
  • If a screw string is busted, it must be tapped again… something that won’t ever occur with this development. Furthermore, if the screw string is exhausted, the watchmaker basically replaces the pieds vis.

When I visit the Grönefeld atelier next time I’ll attempt to make some photos.

And like mentioned previously, the tempered steel spans are not just a lot harder, they additionally look lovely when wrapped up. Simply take a gander at the photograph below!

At The PuristS Pro I posted a broad report about the completing of a scaffold. Bart Grönefeld showed me the entire cycle of how he completed a scaffold of the new type G-02. Completing an extension requires more that 2 hours for an accomplished watchmaker, from chamfering to the last cleaning. There are 9 extensions in type G-02 and obviously numerous other parts that need finishing.

The eventual outcome, including anglage, is totally dazzling. To see the whole report about the completing interaction, visit the ‘ AHCI and Independent Haute Horlogerie ‘ discussion of The PuristS Pro.

Check the  Grönefeld site and  Facebook page for more information.