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DeLaneau – pure feminine Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie combined

Introducing DeLaneau, unadulterated ladylike Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie combined. Together with GEO, Monochrome’s new giver, I visited DeLaneau in Geneva.

Visiting DeLaneau was a colorful and warm insight, I won’t fail to remember easily. Around 1987 I recall myself, dreaming before the shop window, looking at their mens watches. But that has changed completely.

When we entered the stunning DeLaneau royal residence on the Lake of Geneva, we saw promptly an immense distinction. DeLaneau presently is a company run by women, solely for ladies. To my insight the lone company on the planet that produces just (very good quality) women watches. Cristina Wendt-Thévenaz, CEO and Artistic Director, who is wearing her incredibly high stiletto’s, like on the off chance that it were shoes, clarified that planning a women watch, should be done without any preparation, rather than decreasing a mens watch and adding a couple of diamonds. And who could envision better what a lady likes, than a lady herself.

So the mens assortment was skipped and the last pieces were dissolved back, to become crude material again. While talking about the difference in DeLaneau, we strolled up the marble steps and entered the scented display area, that was planned like a parlor, overlooking he lake. While examining the different creation steps of the assortment, some portion of the assortment was presented on the table. Immediate consideration got another arrangement of watches.


This captivating new idea of watches two by two has been intended to make connections between ladies, weather they are mother and girl, sisters, closest companions , accomplices or even complete outsiders. ‘Pairs’ are an interesting method to make a bind with another exceptional individual and lessens the distance when one of the two lives in an alternate piece of the world than the other, when wearing a similar watch. Two unique models are in the assortment. The Atame (presented above) with a rich rectangular shape and exceptional carries that navigate the precious stone, case and the tie. These ‘Pair’ watches are not indistinguishable, but rather have a place with one another, since they share similar sort of hand engraved and finished smaller than normal artworks ‘sous fondants’, on the dial, however in a mirror switched setting.

And the other pair of Magic Haute Joaillerie pieces, set with roll rubies and jewels, are additionally making an awesome début in January 2011. With an aggregate of no under 23 carats of precious stones and rubies, these two bewitching Magic pieces are a cunning translation of the long standing practice of ‘Montres a Secret’. A extraordinary rotating framework let the highest point of the watch slide away, to see the dial of the watch, when shut, it’s a piece of adornments, that doesn’t resemble a watch by any stretch of the imagination. An ideal night and dress watch, since the time can be checked very discretely.

DeLaneau has introduced, as I would like to think, an extraordinary idea of ladylike watches, for those women who want a genuine watch with a mechanical development. The Atame has a programmed mechanical development with a force hold of 40 hours, while the Magic has mechanical winding movement.

This new idea by DeLaneau won’t just strengthen the connections between existing companions and relations, it will likewise open entryways and hearts to new colleagues. A first in the historical backdrop of watchmaking.

Visit DeLaneau’s site or more information.