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Defakto Akkord Modular Review


Today we’ll be investigating the Akkord Modular model. The Akkord has been out two or three years, and was the brand’s initial takeoff from one-handers into the universe of exact minutes. It remained consistent with the brand’s stylish, yet adds some required usefulness. This year, they refreshed the line with their “Modular” shading ways, which blend steel/PVD or bronze/PVD components for interestingly lovely cases. Inside, the Akkord is controlled by a Swiss-made ETA 2824-2 for great, dependable time keeping. Incredibly, in spite of rising development expenses, and more complicated completing, the Akkord Modular comes in at an entirely sensible $600 in steel and $710 in bronze.

Defakto Akkord Review

Case: Bronze/PVD Steel Movement: ETA 2824-2 Dial: Black Lume: No Lens: Sapphire Strap: Black Calf Water Res.: 50m Dimensions: 42 x 51 mm Thickness: 9.5 mm Lug Width: 20 mm Crown: 7.5 x 2.5mm push-pull Warranty: 2 years, restricted Price: ~$710 or 567.23 Euro


Though the Akkord has existed a few years, the new “Modular” arrangement, which I would simply think as two-tone arrangement, rejuvenates them with an astute play on case wrapping up. Estimating 42 x 51 x 9.5mm, the Akkord has a medium/huge measured case with an agreeably slim profile. I would characterize the plan as exemplary and nearly pilot like, with flimsy, carefully molding hauls, piece sides and an expansive bezel. All things considered, as this is made by the Icklers in Pforzheim (same family that makes Archimedes and Limes) the execution is perfect.

The crown stands apart as a focal point, notwithstanding being ruthlessly straightforward. It’s a wide and level, 7.5 x 2.5mm chamber with a toothed edge. No logo outwardly, simply level steel. It’s so basic, it’s striking, and the extents looks incredible with the case. Despite the fact that the watch is programmed it very well may be hand twisted, so having an enormous and simple to grasp crown is nice.

Obviously however, which isolates the Akkord Modular from the pack isn’t the size, yet the materials, as the Akkord Modular blends a bronze focal case in with a PVD bezel and crown (there is additionally a steel/PVD adaptation). Despite the fact that an apparently evident move, it’s one few brands have made, and an extraordinary thought. All PVD watches can be all in all too explicit. Don’t misunderstand me, I love them, however they are less adaptable than steel. In any case, unpretentiously utilized PVD adds character and enumerating to a generally straightforward case, rejuvenating it. Here, it’s discovered simply in the bezel and crown, enough to be observable, yet not really as to overwhelm. Also, however bronze is cool, I locate this restricted utilization more interesting.

Together, the two are astonishing. It riffs somewhat on the exemplary dark and gold combo, yet doesn’t look gaudy or valuable, rather it looks mechanical, yet warm gratitude to the interesting qualities of bronze. The normally dulling and patinating material adds a tough look to the generally overly clean watch. The gradually creating dimness of oxidization plays well off of the PVD components, acquiring character by the day.

Flipping the watch over, you have a strong steel screw-down case back. On it is a laser carving of their Berlin workplaces called “Brückenmeisterei”. It’s a straightforward line drawing, yet fitting of the negligible idea of the watch. The Eins we a few years prior had a presentation case back, however I genuinely am alright not seeing the base 2824-2 constantly. Indeed, when it’s there it’s fun, yet utilizing the space for a drawing is very welcome.


Defakto’s watches have a cutting edge, realistic reasonableness that is limited at this point striking. It’s part of what we love about the brand. The proprietor/architect Raphael Ickler has a stylish he is attempting to seek after, and he sticks to it. The Akkord is misleadingly straightforward, as what it needs records, type faces, numerals, etc… it compensates for in extent, equilibrium and limitation. On the matte dark dial is nevertheless one list of thick, yet short white lines for the hours/5-minutes and more limited, slender lines for the individual minutes.

The producers never change shape, are never shortened by a date window or logo. Simply straightforward, even shapes all around the edge of the dial. Just under 12 is a Defakto logo in a blocky text style that suits the style of the watch. Also, that’s it. Markers and single logo, which gives some sense extra feeling of up from down. What makes it work is the strain between the size of the markers and the negative space, the beat of the structures. It’s inadequate, however any extra component would have been too much.

The Akkord was Defakto’s initial 2-hand watch, taking the applied jump from one-handedness. They currently likewise have a 3-hander, the quartz Struktur. While I love the possibility of one-gave watches, practically speaking I like at any rate two. Basically, I need to realize the specific moment else I get fidgety, however I could allude to my telephone, I do incline toward really utilizing my watch. In this way, the Akkord turns out impeccably for me. The absence of seconds keeps the quiet, idle inclination a one-hander has, however with added precision.

The hands on the Akkord are likewise cool. The moment is a long white square shape that pretty much matches the width of the bigger hour/5-minute markers. The hour is more limited and reversed. It’s an excessively slight edged skeleton hand with a white line and a vacant inside. It’s an unobtrusive play, however it works impeccably, recognizing the two hands, yet making one realistic reasonableness. The hour hand likewise fills in as a visual highlight, having more complexity than its surroundings.

Straps and Wearability

The Defakto Akkord Modular bronze came mounted to a 20mm tightening dark calf cowhide tie. It’s delicate, graceful and delightfully made with clean edges and a dainty line of sewing. As a standard tie for the watch, it bodes well, the dark playing off of the PVD components while stressing the bronze. Earthy colored could be intriguing as well, yet it would relax the general look. My one complaint is the clasp, which is a matte hardened steel. Nothing amiss with the shape, yet I was expecting a PVD clasp, which would have completed the idea. With no guarantees, it’s a long way from a major issue, yet on a particularly definite piece, it appears to be an oversight.

On the wrist, the watch wears perfectly. It’s a little wearing 42mm, because of the materials and 9.5mm thickness. All things considered, the size permits the dial to be sufficiently wide to be striking and eye-getting. Despite the fact that I ordinarily like 38-40 on my non-sport watches, I figure this would have lost something being any smaller.

Stylistically, it’s on point as well. It’s modern and exquisite while likewise being manly. The distinct dial, warm, finished bronze and inky dark PVD come together for a remarkable look that can be spruced up or down. The additional warm tones of the bronze make it function admirably with blues and earthy colors, while the dark works with everything. As an option in contrast to a game watch, flieger or field, this would make for a cool regular watch. Maybe the steel variant is even a touch more adaptable, yet I love the way the bronze works here.


While the tasteful probably won’t be for everybody as it is negligible, for the individuals who are searching for a more plan (in the realistic feeling of the word) centered watch the Defakto Akkord Modular is an extraordinary decision. The distinct dial is striking and the blended material case is flawless, adding genuine materiality and character to the idea. It may have gone out on a limb somewhat of a to commit to doing the bronze/PVD thing, however it was an extraordinary thought. Taking a gander at my wrist, simply seeing the edge of the case distend from my sleeve, the PVD bezel, bronze case, and PVD crown blending together…it’s just gorgeous.

What I love about Defakto is that not normal for a large number of the watches found in exhibition hall shops (Junghans Max Bill being the exception) which have cool ideas and unremarkable executions, the Defaktos have that perfect, current look, yet in addition the form quality and developments we desire to discover in our watches. The way that it’s fueled by an ETA 2824-2, has a sapphire precious stone and is made in Germany checks all the crates for a top notch watch. The way that this watch costs about $710 in bronze and about $600 in steel makes it all the really compelling and to be perfectly honest, a nice value.