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d.m.h – watches by a true independent watchmaker

Dingemans Mechanische Horloges or d.m.h in short is a genuine autonomous watchmaker. Small time, one vision. Structure follows function… and he makes pretty much every part himself!

This watch is made by what you may call a free watchmaker. Nearly everything is made by the watchmaker himself. Just the development, hands, tie, screws and o-rings are purchased. The case, crown system and dial are completely planned and delivered by one man, Fred Dingemans.

Fred Dingemans makes everything in his own workshop on old (or vintage) hardware. Later i’ll make a survey of the man, his vision and his watches. The brand is called d.m.h which represents Dingemans Mechanische Horloges , interpreted Dingemans Mechanical Watches.

Incidentally, he just makes 12 watches every year! Furthermore, his aphorism is structure follows function.

Now to the watch…

The case is 40mm in breadth, machined from a square of 316L hardened steel, waterproof to 30 meter. It’s got two mineral gems, no sapphire. Sapphire gem is more scratch safe, however breaks quicker than mineral precious stone. Inside is a n.o.s. TD development with d.m.h rotor. The dial is cut from a piece of metal and a short time later a couple of openings are penetrated for the screws and standard pin. The dial tone can be picked by the client and is handpainted. The numbers and logo are stepped with a wipe, similar to they used to do long time ago.

According to the structure follow work, the dial is connected to the development with two screws.

In the highest point of the crown d.m.h is engraved.

All new models have wirelugs. This definite model with tie connection under the case isn’t made any longer.

Costs are from aprox. 1,000 – 1,500 euro relying upon your particular wishes.