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Chopard L.U.C Louis-Ulysse – The Tribute

There has been a much broadcasted worry inside the watch business about over dependence on a couple of key providers of components. A few companies have tended to this by buying their own case creators, building up their own developments and seeking more noteworthy independence. 

Chopard, the family claimed concern, has looked for vertical combination, with practically all components being made in-house. I as of late visited one of their creation offices in Meyrin on the edges of Geneva. The expansiveness of abilities inside the company is faltering. They even have their own foundry where ingots of valuable metals for case making are formed!

My adoration for Chopard’s L.U.C models is tremendous. The completing of the watches outperforms numerous watches with more prominent brand mindfulness. A few of the watches bear the Poinçon de Genève, the Hallmark of Geneva. The meticulousness is spellbinding.

One viewpoint which bids to my sensibilities is the downplayed tastefulness of the watches. They are not intended to be outré or make reckless, striking explanations. Chopard L.U.C are not intended for the nouveau riche, who look for acknowledgment for their obvious utilization. This is a brand for the stylishly sharp and the cognoscenti seeking horological excellence.

A watch I as of late saw at the amazing SalonQP occasion, was the L.U.C Louis-Ulysse – The Tribute. Its enormous measurements, the case width is 49.60 mm, grabbed my eye. Be that as it may, not at all like a few watches which gather my love throughout a period time, this was love from the start sight.

The Tribute has an effortlessness of line and smooth structure which prompts my swearing undying affection underneath the moon and stars. However, underneath the face so unadulterated, is a mind so profound.

This watch is the enchanting zenith of a joint effort between the Geneva Watchmaking School and Chopard Manufacture.

The two gatherings cooperated in building up a pocket-watch movement.The understudies at the school profited by the extensive assets of Chopard Manufacture and moreover the Genevan brand had the option to propagate the custom and craftsmanship they plainly hold so dear.

I as of late had the favorable luck to meet Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. He is an unobtrusive, calm man who has a sharp eye for detail. Quality and plan usefulness are critical to the German brought into the world Co-President, who has unmistakably made Geneva is home.

Beneath the old style lines of The Tribute, there is a lot of inventiveness and innovation.

The dial

The white dial has an honesty. The lacquered artistic, gives an unadulterated persona, refined to perfection. Roman numerals are utilized to pass on hours. They are in accordance with the plan codes of other L.U.C models and proffer a commonality I never tire of. Black Dauphine fusée-type hour and moment hands express time with concise style.

Framing the dial is brief rail, using the wisely restricted range of highly contrasting. Be that as it may, it devilishly accepts a red shade like clockwork and it is this little sprinkling of shading which improves the visual allure. It is inconspicuous and very much judged. It doesn’t degrade however enhances.

A auxiliary seconds show is situated at 6 o’clock. It includes a L.U.C logo to its northerly angle, rehashing the previously mentioned dark red tincture.

Residing underneath early afternoon is the brand’s terminology with the establishment date gladly declared, 1860. This model was made to commend the 150th commemoration of the company framed by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the man whose initials include on probably the best watches accessible today.

The case

Those perusers having an attentive nature will have noticed that the crown dwells around early afternoon, not the standard 3 o’clock. This is on the grounds that this wristwatch, politeness of a sharp creation by Karl Scheufele I, can be changed over into a pocket watch. Karl was the author of Eszeha, the Scheufele family company, who are the present-day proprietors of Chopard.

Turn over the watch and press a board to the highest point of the joined support. This opens the support and by turning it counter clockwise, the watch can be delivered. It would then be able to be worn as a pocket watch and comes with a chain to encourage formal wear.

Despite this creativity of the gadget, it is the perspective on the development which offers the most excellence. Chopard have reveled my need to see the magnificence of the craftsmanship exampled inside by circumspectly giving a sapphire gem caseback.

The movement

Chopard are an assembling in the most genuine feeling of the word. They make essentially all the components which live inside the instances of their attractive L.U.C timepieces. Yet, it is the execution of the developments which makes me grin with euphoria. As you appreciate every aspect of the L.U.C 06.01-L, you gather expanding regard for Chopard.

Study the primary plate and you will see perlage gave superior refinement. The extensions are embellished with Côtes de Genève theme in mystical splendor. Examine the scaffolds and you will see edges are inclined and gems have cleaned openings. The offset spring is gotten with a sliding stud cap. Screw heads are cleaned flawlessly, their openings seem immaculate. These are only a few instances of the 12 point models related with the Poinçon de Genève.

There are two specific parts of the development which I especially like. The screwed balance, often an indication of a quality development and the swan-neck controller. It is the completion of the swan neck controller which especially appeals. Black cleaning of the swan neck controller is the product of patient undertaking. Rehashed utilization of diamantine paper and the advantage of time, brings about a mirror-like completion which is stunning to behold.

If you take a gander at the wheels of the going train, appreciate the roundabout graining. As you intently look at some portion of the barrel cover, note the snailing, a delectable twisting formed theme with a wonderful flavor which energizes salivation.

The development has COSC certificate, recognizing it as a chronometer.


I have examined this watch in moment detail. I have tried to uncover any shortcomings in its particular and execution. Notwithstanding, I have neglected to discover any issues with it. My close assessment is halfway inspired by a powerful urge to buy this watch for my own assortment. I have attempted to imagine any potential blemishes which would make it unsuitable.

For a few, the size of the watch may demonstrate excessively huge and inadmissible for little wrists. Fortunately, “small” has only occasionally been utilized to depict me.

The propelled way the watch vertically coordinates into the astute support is amazing. Nonetheless, it is the vertical joining of the numerous exchanges and abilities inside Chopard Manufacture that genuinely dazzles. I can’t think about a more fitting tribute to Louis-Ulysse Chopard than this attractive watch which bears his name.

Technical specification

  • Model: Chopard L.U.C Louis-Ulysse – The Tribute Model reference: 161923-1001
  • Case: 18-carat white gold case; distance across 49.60mm; tallness 11.27 mm (without attaching framework); stature 14.50 mm (with affixing framework); water impervious to 3 bar (30 meters); sapphire gem to the front and caseback.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; auxiliary seconds
  • Movement: L.U.C 06.01-L; hand-wound development; recurrence 21,600 vph (3 Hz); 20 gems; more than 80 hours power reserve.
  • Strap: Hand-sewn dark gator leather lash, fixed with earthy colored crocodile leather and provided on 18-carat white gold pin buckle.
  • Limited edition: 150 pieces

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