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Catching-Up with Kari Voutilainen as the AHCI Visit Shanghai!

Having previously given the general terms to the significance of the general association, ( see a month ago’s piece! ) presently let’s take a gander at a portion of the people from all around the planet that make up the AHCI! First up, Kari Voutilainen!

Regular perusers of Monochrome will be very much aware of Kari Voutilainen; “the perfectionist”. The manifestations created under the Finnish Horologer’s name are amazingly lovely, mechanical wonders. At the point when seen with regards to other watchmakers, like his cooperation on the (twofold) grant winning, ‘Legacy Machine No 1’ ( as reported here! ) with Maximilian Büsser and Jean-Francois Mojon we see Mr. Voutilainen’s virtuoso; his energetic quest for precision through mechanical perfection!

The direction that Mr. Voutilainen took to become one of the principal free watchmakers is one that you hear rehashed in the profiles of the other AHCI individuals. Beginning in Finnish Watchmaking school he proceeded to concentrate and afterward practice in Switzerland. Voutilainen’s CV preceding striking-out all alone was at that point rather noteworthy; 2002 end up being the turning point in his vocation when he ventured out all alone. For as long as 10 years Voutilainen has gone from solidarity to-strength, racking up an amazing number of unique and grant winning plans . Speaking to him one-on-one you he gives the impression of being a humble and exceptionally sharp individual. Lurking beneath the outside of that suitable facade is out and out a determined genius!

It is adequately basic to say:  if you could construct the ‘perfect’ watch – it would keep amazing time. On the off chance that you could construct a watch where every single component is done in a manner moving toward actual flawlessness – the final product would be a watch that would work perfectly and reliably, in other words without blunder. Alright, presently go to your workbench and assemble an ideal bed fork, or plant an ideal stuff or an entirely focused chaton… not so natural any longer? Watches like the “ OBSERVATOIRE ” and “ DECIMAL REPEATERS ” address that feeling of mechanical flawlessness with completely cut parts – as well as totally fashioned rate results! For sure the base development of the Observatoire is a Peseaux, however the completing and the meticulousness, (and obviously the escapement) are all Mr. Voutilainen’s doing!

In his new Vingt-8 watches (see above) he merges the flawlessness and excellence of his past watches with the pride of a completely in-house development! The 30mm development highlighting 21 gems has a 50 hour power save and highlights Voutilainen’s ‘immediate drive’ escapement and a LARGE equilibrium wheel (which has become something of a calling-card for Mr. Voutilainen’s work!) The almost 14mm equilibrium wheel is utilized to safeguard a steady stock of force all through the whole winding/loosening up pattern of the origin. (I should note here that Voutilainen’s principle commitment to the MB&F Legacy 1 was it’s ENORMOUS Balance wheel – mounted ON TOP of the dial so it is obvious to all appreciating the watch!)

While Voutilainen marks all the specialized boxes for wizardry for the fans on the appropriation list, the watches themselves never look revolting or showy. They all work consummately and look awesome. In our current reality where things are often either ‘style without substance’ or ‘form follows function’ it’s great to appreciate Mr. Voutilainen’s function as both incredibly exact AND amazingly desirable.

The ‘extravagance’ recommendation is at last why Kari Voutilainen is meaningful of the whole free watchmaking development (no joke proposed). When seen by quality alone, there are other, bigger brands that produce great developments and completed watches – it can’t be denied and they ought to be regarded. When seen by reserve, there are other, bigger brands that have celebrated accounts. At long last – there are brands that sell extravagant and restricted creation watches. In the end you need to pose the inquiry: “What am I paying for?”

For me there are two basic words on the dial of each Kari Voutilainen watch that bring the suggestion into clear center: “HAND MADE”. It is anything but an official assignment, in essence, it’s an assertion of truth. It says – this watch was worked by hand, by Kari Voutilainen. No brand designing to support his picture. No authentic teachings to count on. Simply watchmaking. This is absolutely where somebody like Kari Voutilainen can separate himself in an ocean of mass promoted brands offering extravagance camouflaged as haute horology. Voutilainen can create BOTH simultaneously!

Here you can visit Voutilainen’s site .

This article is composed by Mario Squillacioti, contributing author for Monochrome-Watches .