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Cancelled Bonhams Seiko Auction: A Dog’s Breakfast

Update: The auction isn’t cancelled. We reached out to Bonhams: see their reaction at the finish of the article.

We take a glance at a couple of pieces from the cancelled online Bonhams Seiko auction. It wasn’t pretty.

In this day and age of negativity on the web, you may imagine that we get a ton of satisfaction from breaking apart an auction. Let me get straight to the point: we don’t. Yet, when something was this bad, we need to learn from it. After all, we compose a lot about Seiko and especially vintage Seiko. We love the brand and its voluminous catalog. We’re not certain how this auction at any point came to light, yet it had the chance to cause a great deal of havoc. Hello, it was even featured on some other noticeable replica magic destinations! And two different focuses merit referencing. To begin with, our header image is one of our replica magic and not from the cancelled sale. Second, take a gander at our new on all the vintage Seiko jumpers. We made it as an outline reference and while it may not be 100% awesome, we think it’s pretty close.

This Bonhams Seiko auction called “ ” proclaimed to be the principal auction dedicated to all things Seiko. It was to run until August 25th. Today, while I was composing the article and downloading pictures, all the connections unexpectedly lapsed. It appears to be that online commentary and, likely, calls culminated with Bonhams deciding to make the best decision and racking the entire auction. Embarrassing? Sure. In any case, it would’ve been far more terrible to let this assortment of Frankenwatches run for another couple of weeks. The backlash would have been bloody.

Credibility all around would have suffered

As I said, we love vintage Seiko around here, and we get energized when Seiko comes to auction because it happens so rarely. The international arrangement of top of the line replica magic authorities keeps on zeroing in on the Swiss yield, and that’s fine, yet Seiko (and other Japanese makers for that matter) also created pursued pieces. The lack of overall interest has stifled costs, which is useful for us, however I’d actually prefer to see somewhat more acknowledgment. The Bonhams Seiko auction may have given the anti-Seiko community more ammunition. As many would complain about the typical side-street watchmaker fixes on these replica magic And it would’ve hurt Bonhams large time.

Seriously, arranging a decent or even fringe astounding array of Seikos isn’t so hard. And there is a lot of factual data out there to expose the terrible pieces. Some way or another that wasn’t done here, and I’m sure Monday will make for some fascinating gatherings with regards to London and Hong Kong. What it underscores is an exercise that we preach on numerous occasions. Namely, auction houses cannot be trusted to vet replica magic They don’t do the work on million-dollar parcels, and they clearly don’t do it for €150 parts. Get your work done or hazard being incredibly sorry.

This assortment of replica magic is said to have come from an unmistakable gatherer. We discovered a portion of the pieces online in certain gatherings from years back, however maybe they’ve changed hands from that point forward. As referenced previously, the connections now won’t likely work, and I was stopped of downloading when the Bonhams Seiko auction was cancelled. And, a portion of my downloads aren’t great. In any case, let’s experience a couple for learning. Gracious, and when I say “we”, I am talking about my companion George. A portion of the issues were evident to me, however he knows a great deal and aided in a considerable way.

Lot 801  — Seiko 6105-8000

Right out of the chute the Bonhams Seiko auction sets a low standard with . This 6105-8000 (the replica magic that went before the 6105 “Willard”) is one to stay away from. Why would that be? A gander at the case back shows a 1968 serial number — the main number is a “8” — and it also reads water verification. Flipping it over, we see the dial says “resist”. The two should match and this ought to be a “Proof” dial.

In 1970, Seiko complied with new laws and exchanged dials and case backs to “Resist”. Some transitional pieces exist with a blend, however 1968 is way too soon for such an aberration. Gracious, and the crystal is clearly aftermarket with its anti-intelligent coating. We checked on a decent one here . And I actually like this old .

Lot 803 — Seiko 6215-7000 — Corrected…

FYI — we currently feel, after a couple of gatherers have come forward that this replica magic is right. It is fascinating because amongst the large number of mistaken replica magic this would rate as extraordinary compared to other non faded 6215 bezels we’ve ever seen.

Next up in the Bonhams Seiko auction is for a rare 1967 6215-7000 jumper. It’s hard to tell from the photographs if the dial is washed out of if it’s glare from the crystal. In any case, the warning is the bezel embed. We’ve seen NOS examples of the 6215 and we’ve never seen one with gold textual style. Then again, I don’t really know about a blossoming aftermarket industry for 6215’s. Thus, this one is odd and I’d have continued with caution. You can read about the one we investigated here . I like this reference , yet many of the photographs have expired. Additional note: one of our readers contacted us stating that promotional information from Seiko in 1967 originally showed a gold text style bezel. In any case, neither he or we have never seen one. Consequently, our suspicion and the fact that the majority of different parts had issues. One more addition: an additional reader came forward who feels this bezel is legitimate. We have changed our stance with this additional information. 

Lot 804 — Seiko 6105-8119

in the Bonhams Seiko auction is for a Seiko 6105-8119 “Willard”. This one is a real wreck and sports an aftermarket dial and bezel. The lume plot frames, after looking into it further, are cleaned. Also, the lume ought to be sharp in the corners — Seiko wasn’t accomplishing disgraceful work. They ought to be somewhat dull. We can also see that the “Suwa” image is too slim and the textual style is off on the small composition of “Japan 6105 8009t”. The bezel “tell” is the lume pip that’s way too small.  Head here for our audit and for a decent reference.

Lot 805 — Seiko 6306-7000

is a Seiko 6306-7000 “Turtle”. These garner greater costs than their 6309 counterparts because of a higher gem development that allows for hacking. Unfortunately, this one has issues. The dial is real, however we see new lume. The hands, be that as it may, are aftermarket as is the bezel. The bezel advise is evident to fans, however see the serif on the “1”? It shouldn’t be there. The hands show edge cleaning typical of aftermarket pieces and the lume work looks somewhat messy. I notice mine (with relumed hands incidentally) here and a decent reference on hands is and the 6309 arrangement (not the 6306, but rather the dial and hands control is acceptable advice).

Lot 807 — Seiko 6306-7001 Scubapro 450

The Scubapro Turtles are amongst the rarest Seiko jumpers out there and they attract enormous cash. We’re talking thousands if they’re correct.  With only a few hundred or so supposed to exist, most that come up are fakes. The Bonhams Seiko auction happens to feature two bad pieces. has an aftermarket dial and bezel. Take a gander at the Scubapro logo — it’s warped and obvious in this bad render. Regarding the bezel, the numbers are waaaaay excessively thick. a pleasant article on these troublesome pieces.

Folks, that’s sadly where things halted. There were chronographs with fake dials, with wrong hands, and a with such issues. And the aftermarket bezels kept accumulating on additional parcels within the Bonhams Seiko auction.

Final thoughts

Again, we are exceptionally happy that the Bonhams Seiko auction was pulled today. It was really bad and Seiko gatherers were vocal and, frankly, ashamed that a large auction house did a particularly flippant occupation on this coming out party for a favorite brand. Be that as it may, maybe their saving grace was the force of tuning in to the vocal community. The other beneficial thing is that there are loads of great vintage Seiko replica magic out there and loads of cordial individuals who will happily help. Visit (aka Seiko & Citizen replica magic Forum) and for huge loads of great individuals, great reference material and a decent place to purchase watches.


Here the official reaction from Benedict Tsang , Head of Communications Asia at Bonhams after we reached out to them.

“There has been solid interest in our Making Waves: Seiko online sale since the sale page went live on our site on Friday. We have temporarily eliminated the see work to upload the condition reports accompanying each parcel. We apologize to anyone who hasn’t had the option to access the sale page. We welcome everybody to return to the page this week to see all the information we have about this private assortment that’s been assembled by a dedicated replica magic gatherer in the course of recent years. The sale is taking place ‪until 25 August.”

You can be certain we will take a decent gander at the catalog once it gets back to their site. More to come..