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Bremont Supermarine 500 reviewed

When Bremont dispatched their jump watch, the Supermarine 500 , quite a long while back, it truly grabbed my eye. From the principal second I couldn’t take my eyes of it and I’m exceptionally satisfied that Bremont loan me one for a broad review.

Of course there is consistently that well known early introduction, anyway to find out about how a watch wears on the wrist, that takes some time. Is it comfortable, is it simple to peruse the time, does it coordinate with various styles and how can it perform? I lashed the Bremont Supermarine 500 on the wrist for about a month and a half and composed a survey. It’s a difficult undertaking, however someone’s gotto do it…

Bremont loan me the blue dial Supermarine 500 (reference S500/BL) on a tempered steel arm band. The combination with the arm band makes it simpler to wear in various conditions, than what might be suitable with the standard elastic lash. On the elastic tie the Supermarine 500 can be worn with pants, easygoing or playful style. On the wristband it can likewise be worn with a shirt and coat, an easygoing/stylish style. Anyway prior to expounding more on the highlights, case, dial and development, I’d like to duplicate/glue the brand’s remarkable history. If it’s not too much trouble, pause for a minute to understand it and I can guarantee you that realizing their set of experiences adds a LOT to the brand and their timepieces.


Overall appearance

After over 50 years, the Rolex Submariner has become a notorious watch that is promptly recognizable for each one intrigued by watches. This isn’t the situation with Bremont and I believe that won’t ever occur. The plan is a classy blend of exemplary, energetic and exquisite, yet does not have a specific obviousness. In any event, that was my underlying idea. After looking into it further, a large number of lovely, cool and very carefully conceived subtleties can be seen! Also, that’s something I’ve come to appreciate such a great amount about this exceptionally British brand.

Like I thought of certain years prior, with Bremont it’s in the subtleties. Furthermore, there are bounty subtleties to get left about! In the accompanying portrayal I desire to bring up in any event a couple of subtleties you may like. Those shrewd, sharp and incredibly all around made subtleties make Bremont so average… Bremont. I needed to say British, yet I needed to think about the nature of Morris, Austin, Land Rover and Jaguar, which were regular British in breaking down. The Bremont Supermarine looks and feels incredibly strong and when you’ve read about the highlights and other determinations, you find out about the impeccable nature of Bremont watches.


The Supermarine 500 is an unadulterated plunge watch, with a profundity rating of 500 meters or 1660 feet. It includes a helium get away from valve for professional plunging necessities. The screw down crown is ensured by a major and strong crown defender and it includes a sapphire bezel that offers exceptional radiance in low light conditions.


The dial’s focus has tuxedo stripe design, with the brand’s name and logo printed at the upper half. At the lower a large portion of the model name and profundity rating are printed. Around the middle is a rail track minute record and the external piece of the dial is level, without design. The hour markers are loaded up with Super Luminova for improved decipherability in low light conditions. Most hour markers are round, aside from those at 6 and 9 o’clock (single stick markers) and at 12 o’clock (double stick marker).

At the 3 o’clock position is the day and date opening, encircled by a metal edge. At the 6 o’clock position “swiss made” is printed around the stick marker. Both the hour and moment hand have applied Super Luminova; the seconds hand doesn’t highlight any glowing material. Around the whole dial is brief list track with numerals close to the hour markers and specks in between.


The uncovered realities are:

  • Stainless steel case,  diameter 43mm, haul width 22mm
  • Sapphire uni-directional turning bezel with SuperLumiNova glowing coating
  • Steel mid-case with Helium escape valve
  • Inner soft iron enemy of attractive Faraday enclosure to secure development (see ‘Movement‘ description)
  • Protective licensed enemy of stun development mount (see ‘Movement‘ description)
  • Stainless steel screw-in and adorned case back
  • Integrated elastic lash or tempered steel bracelet

But there are more uncovered realities, similar to the reality the hardened steel case is treated for hardness with a so-called B-EBE2000® technology. This exceptional stage for the situation creation, in which the metal is heat-treated and defused with carbon and afterward besieged with electrons, gives the tempered steel a drastically expanded hardness and scratch opposition. On the Vickers size of hardness, the watchcase has an estimation of 2000, which is roughly multiple times that of the ordinary tempered steel utilized for watchcases.

The raised sapphire precious stone has against intelligent coatings applied to the two sides of the glass. The covering is fume kept onto the precious stones in a vacuum climate, and is additionally exceptionally treated to keep a hardness of near 2000Hv. This is very special since against intelligent covering outwardly of the dial can undoubtedly wear of or even get scratched. That doesn’t look great and therefore it’s again one of these things that Bremont focuses on. (just all things considered, the photograph underneath is focussed on the helium get away from valve and finish on the lugs)

Another thing is the particular case development, called the Bremont Trip-Tick ® Construction, which comprise of three sections. A solidified steel bezel, containing the sapphire precious stone, the focal body area comprising of a treated steel middle barrel and the steel case back. Likewise view the various finishings, brushed and cleaned. A do understand that the solidified steel is considerably more hard to complete, than non-solidified steel.

The center barrel, which contains the development in the soft iron enemy of attractive Faraday confine and the counter stun development mount, likewise includes a Helium escape valve.

The center barrel is presently completed in black, however other Bremont models highlight an aluminum center barrel that is available in various colors.

The bezel has a sapphire ring, with applied Super Luminova paint. The sapphire ring obviously ensures the iridescent material and will likewise keep the bezel from being scratched. The crown is secured by a strong screw on crown defender. The screw down crown has the Bremont logo engraved and has a ribbed part the offer great hold to unscrew the crown or to screw it down again.

The Supermarine 500 comes either on an elastic lash or a tempered steel arm band. The elastic tie looks generally excellent on this watch and the striped example consummately compliments the watch’s plan. Actually I locate the elastic lash marginally excessively firm, so I decide for the hardened steel arm band. This wristband feels light and comfortably suits the wrist and is appended to the situation with a strong end-interface. It is shut with a collapsing applauds with wellbeing fold-over.


Inside tick a Swiss programmed development. It very well may be an ETA or a Swiss ETA-clonelike Soprod. An ideal development and Bremont selected the greatest, best completed, variant. They likewise decided on the best available, top execution, Glucydur balance; numerous other brands in ‘the same cost league’ utilize a nickel balance. All developments are chronometer tried and comes with an exhibition endorsement, given by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC).

The development is set inside a soft iron Faraday confine, that wards off any negative impacts from magnetism. And indeed, there is more. The development is mounted in a interesting rubberised development mount, which is associated with the external case, exclusively by a flexible ring. This ring assimilates stuns to the watch and permits the internal case and development to coast. This special against stun mount for the development, is (once more) one of these specific things Bremont focuses to.

The decision – geniuses and cons

Maybe not as symbol as Rolex and no in-house development, yet the sheer nature of the Bremont Supermarine 500 is exceptionally persuading! What’s more, this inclination is something that appears signature-like for this British brand. Downplayed in first visual appearance, yet it’s execution and details are overwhelming.

The solidified steel case that has a hardness of 2,000 Vickers, the sapphire bezel, the black completed center barrel, the top execution Swiss development that is chronometer affirmed, the counter attractive soft iron case and against stun development mount, the sapphire precious stone with hostile to intelligent covering that has a hardness of 2,000 Vickers… Yes, those are very great features!

Do I have something to annoy about? All things considered, the bracelet’s end-connect was not absolutely flush to the case and had insignificant play. It was not really noticeable, however ought to be referenced. With this British brand, it’s all in the subtleties and honestly, those are significant details!

After this test I’ve become a considerably greater enthusiast of Bremont, than I previously was. I think it’s reasonable for say that it’s best to proceed to look at Bremont yourself.

More data can be found on the Bremont site .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief supervisor of Monochrome Watches .