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Best Watches of 2011

AskMen got some information about the Best Watches of 2011 . Something I did with joy obviously! Look at my article at AskMen to see the whole top 10. Here at Monochrome I need to share the photographs I made of the number 1 Best Watch of 2011. 

And the champ is… the MB&F Legacy Machine 1. Hands-down, for sure, the most excellent watch of 2011 and I think one that will stay high on each watch aficionado’s list of things to get for a long, long time. This time no story, since we previously expounded on the Legacy Machine 1 when it was dispatched and we shared our Swiss donor Ian’s  involved experience not long after. Some photographs to enjoy…

Legacy Machine’s thumping heart in full sight, gliding over the dial. The anchor wheel can be viewed too; together with the anchor it’s gradually delivering the 45 hours of force that is put away in the fountainhead when completely wound.

Although it was difficult to remove the consideration of the dial, the transparent case back shows something that will be a compensation for watch devotees. Jean-Francois Mojon made the development and no one not exactly Kari Voutilainen was responsable for determining the level and style of finish.

The white gold adaptation as dynamite as the red gold rendition and by and by I favor this one, essentially on the grounds that ‘white metals’ are more interesting to me. At the lower end of the dial, the vertical force hold indicator can be seen. Together with the equilibrium wheel raising over the two dials and ensured by a totally domed sapphire crystal. Apparently a danger to create, yet a sheer delight to take a gander at in light of the fact that it doesn’t distort the see in any capacity. More often than not it would appear that there is no gem at all.

The two crowns on the two sides are to change the two distinctive time regions. While the front of the Legacy Machine 1 is a specialized gala for the eye, the two dials offset this with a classic lacquered finish and a brilliant rim.

One last view…

Read my article Best Watch of 2011 at AskMen . Also, kindly note that the watches are recorded in no particular request, with the exception of number 1, the MB&F Legacy Machine 1.