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Around the Web: “138-Year-Old Peoria County Clock Miraculously Ticks On”

Mechanical watches, and clocks particularly are chronological errors, and it’d be difficult to contend in any case in our advanced period. In any case, for those us who love these mechanical ponders and are attracted to their set of experiences, it’s not something that truly matters. That’s why we discovered this anecdote about the endeavors to save a 138-year-old clock in Peoria County, Illinois so fascinating.

The Seth Thomas clock being referred to was first introduced in 1878 in the Peoria County Courthouse. The 6,000-pound clock was set to be obliterated when the Courthouse building was to be crushed in 1964, however a small bunch of individuals willingly volunteered to prevent that from occurring. The originally was neighborhood money manager Foster Vachon, who acquired the clock, reestablished it at his own cost and introduced it on top of the Vachon Brake Service where it stayed the following 25 years. After Vachon passed on, the clock was given to the Peoria air terminal, yet plans to show it never worked out as intended and the clock was again in peril. That’s when Dunlap Clock Shop proprietor John Harrison Parks, presently 101-years-youthful, and his child stepped in. To peruse the full story, click here .