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Applied Arts, Mechanical Art and the beauty of mechanical timepieces

Have you seen the movie Hugo? The movie is about a kid living in the Parisian train station Gare du Nord, who is fascinated by mechanics, and who discovers more about his family. Seeing each one of those mechanics, similar to the gigantic cog wheels of the station clock, was something that made me thing about the magnificence of mechanical art.

As a watch darling I am additionally particularly interested by the excellence of mechanical workmanship, ordinarily when it fits in a metal packaging that can be lashed around my wrist. Particularly marks like MB&F , Vianney Halter and for example Hautlence (and others obviously) truly set off the enthusiasm for mechanical workmanship. Also, presently Max Busser has united everything in a display. The M.A.D. Exhibition shows the mechanical workmanship watches of MB&F and mechanical craftsmanship from craftsman from around the globe.

The check in the movie Hugo assumes a focal part, since Hugo needs to keep it running; an obligation he acquired from his uncle who essentially vanished one day and left the little fellow alone in the vaults of the Parisian train station. The gigantic pinion wheels and encompassing apparatus are not just ideal to see and wander about, they are likewise an undeniable reference to times a distant memory by.

These tokens of the turn of the century (nineteenth century to twentieth century) are likewise noticeable in for example the MB&F Legacy Machine 1 . It by one way or another helps to remember this period, yet additionally of Jules Verne’s accounts of 20,000 classes under the ocean and even workmanship made by Hans Geiger.

The Machine Lights from Frank Buchwald, which are accessible from the M.A.D. Exhibition and my most loved “objet d’art” in this display (other than Max Busser’s grand watches) are likewise an extraordinary illustration of this blend of craftsmanship and mechanics. Here we don’t discover any “form follows function” adagio, no, this is workmanship blended in an unnecessary path with function.

There are obviously a lot more instances of mechanical workmanship in plain view at the M.A.D. Display and on the off chance that you get the opportunity to visit it, by all methods treat yourself on a visit. On the off chance that Geneva isn’t near your home or not in your itinerary any time soon, than make a point to watch the movie Hugo and view the site of the M.A.D. Display .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, chief proofreader of Monochrome Watches .