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Andreas Strehler Cocon

Some watch gatherers definitely know the name Andreas Strehler, anyway his name isn’t just about as generally known as that of the man with whom he as of late made the  Maître du Temps Chapter Three , Kari Voutilainen. 

Andreas Strehler is responsable for many notable watches and as of late introduced the subsequent watch uncovering his own name on the dial, the Cocon. Based on his first watch, the Papillon, Strehler was arranged as ‘extravagant’ in this  rundown of autonomous watchmakers . While the essence of his newest creation is rather exemplary, when pivoted it shows quite possibly the most breathtaking extension plans I’ve ever seen.

The ‘engine’ of the Cocon is an altered Papillon development with 78 hours of force save coming from two origin barrels. Andreas revealed to me that with the two fountainhead barrels, the Cocon really has a force hold of 90 to 100 hours. Anyway by methods for  an epicyclic stuff set, the two origins are kept from loosening up further than the referenced 78 hours.

The motivation to cut of the force, is that the further the origin loosens up, the strain becomes less. This would bring about a not exactly ideal chronometric rate, which is no choice for Andreas Strehler! By restricting the loosening up of the hearts, Andreas Strehler can accomplish a practically direct arrangement of energy and an ideal force stream and consistent exactness for the entire time that the watch is running.

Andreas Strehler redirected from the old style development and pick rather a focal plate on which he situated the stuff train with its extra seconds-wheel without adjusting the situation of the barrels or the equilibrium wheel. Allow me to clarify this: spring barrels regularly turn too gradually for the presentation of minutes and excessively quick for the hours. Yet, in the Cocon the timing works in an unexpected way. The loosening up of the origin barrels are solidly integrated with the grouping of the movement.

This brought about a development plan without rises to. The butterfly formed extension alludes to Strehler’s past watch considered Papillon and now the ‘papillon’  is inside its ‘Cocon’. The photograph underneath shows the equal associated barrels, which ensure a consistent winding and loosening up of the fountainheads. The utilization of certified tapered stuff wheels for the winding haggle winding pinion show no wear in the transmission of force and are therefore amazingly long-lasting. In expansion, their extraordinary stuff tooth framework empowers the watch to be wound up easily and lightly.

The finish of the papillon molded scaffold, of the cogged haggles, as can be seen above, is of the best expectations and essentially is impossible by a machine. The Côte de Genève embellishment is finished by hand as is the ‘anglage’ (which means angled endges). The wheels are additionally inside sloped, something that likewise can’t be executed by any machine. What Andreas Strehler shows here is hand completing ‘pur sang’.

About Andreas Strehler:

The dial’s enrichment is finished by hand: motor turned parts and a guilloche dial for the hours and minutes. The hands are made of blued tempered steel and around the hour/minute dial and in part covering the seconds dial, is a sapphire section ring, like that of the seconds section ring of the  Grönefeld One Hertz .

Since Andreas Strehler didn’t do anything the easy way, the case is additionally not a straightforward three-section case. The Cocon case is a complex development with no less than 12 components. Its secluded development makes it feasible for clients to pick their individual material combinations thus make their own, own wristwatch.

However the principle purpose behind the complex development is to ensure an ideal rebuilding of the instance of the Cocon (or Papillon) to a condition all around great, even after numerous many years. The Cocon’s case is like the Papillon case, anyway it the carries are more limited to guarantee more harmonious extents on the wrist.

Information about Andreas Strehler’s watches, Papillon and Cocon, can be found on his site here .

This article was composed by Frank Geelen, leader proofreader of Monochrome Watches .