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And now for something completely different for the wrist – Cartier Nail Bracelet

You don’t need a watch. In any event not for simply telling the time. That’s what I hear every once in a while and I’m the first to concede that’s entirely obvious. For me a watch is a piece of jewelry or a design statement. 

Maybe you didn’t see this coming, in any event not from me, as I’ve been passionately expounding on the magnificence of mechanical wrist watches for all the more then 6 years now. Also, today I’m expounding on something different for the wrist. Like Monty Python said: ‘And now for something completely different’.

Since I’ve been sharing beautiful photographs as Weekly Watch Photo, I saw an ever increasing number of people wear a bracelet or dots around the wrist, other than their beloved wrist watch. It’s a decent method to add a bonus. A touch of style, a design articulation. Since I haven’t at any point seen any other person then Nicolas Hayek (previous CEO of the Swatch Group, deliverer of the Swiss watch industry , the man behind the Swatch watches that got all of us intrigued by watches in any case and furthermore the one who stunned his competition by saying they wouldn’t get any ETA developments any longer ) wearing all the more then one watch on the wrist, so adding bracelets may very well be an incredible idea.

Why? Well… on the grounds that it looks extraordinary. At any rate a lot better then the 7 or 8 watches on Hayek Sr.’s wrist. Before long you can expect more ‘fashion news’ from Monochrome. It may very well be a pleasant assortment from the usual lyrical paean on the magnificence of hand-beveled spans and tourbillon cages.

While you obviously immediately began looking for a suitable bracelet, I figured I may help a little. Cartier recently released a re-issue from their celebrated ‘Juste Un Clou’ or ‘Just a Nail’ bracelet, that was initially planned in 1971. Other than the way that 1971 is only an excellent year (my time of birth), the Nail bracelet is and especially was in that time an almost shocking plan for a bracelet.

Cartier has always been a classic and stylish jewelry brand. Classic, elegant plan. Until 1970 when Cartier released the LOVE bracelet, planned by Aldo Cipullo. The LOVE bracelet and coordinating ring have been a great accomplishment for Cartier, yet at the time it was a gamble, a danger. What’s more, a year later they face a much greater challenge, by presenting a bracelet and ring that look like a curve nail.

Above is the thick form in pink gold and a nail ring in pink gold too. Below is the more slender variant in white gold with coordinating ring.

It were these photographs in particular that persuaded me to expound on the new Juste un Clou bracelet. It looks extraordinary with grit cloths just as with pants and a shirt, like below. The slight rendition in yellow gold and white gold together.

And on the off chance that you thought the Juste un Clou is to masculine for a lady, then examine these photographs. The Cartier Juste un Clou or Just a Nail collection comprises of rings and bracelet in yellow, white and pink gold. Similarly as they are or set with stones. Costs fluctuate from $ 2,175 to an incredible $ 34,650 USD.

More data can be found on the Cartier site .

This article is composed by Frank Geelen, leader supervisor for Monochrome Watches .