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An evening with Ochs und Junior and MIH Watch

An evening with Ochs und Junior and MIH Watch. Beat Weinmann of Switzerland’s well known adornments and watches store The Embassy, introduced the MIH Watch and the Ochs und Junior assortment to a select gathering of watch authorities.

Last Friday, the 24th of September 2010, was the first ‘ a night with ‘ occasion in The Hague (Netherlands). During this occasion, watches made by Ludwig Oechslin where the focal point of consideration. Ludwig Oechslin is presumably notable to most watch enthusiasts as the maker of Ulysse Nardin’s the Freak and the Trilogy of Time.

According to responses about my MIH Watch , relatively few watch gatherers realize this watch was likewise made by Oechslin. In any case, what you cannot deny is, that the MIH Watch is the most reasonable mechanical wristwatch with a yearly schedule and a mono-poussoir chronograph!!

Personally I additionally love the vibes of the MIH Watch, which was planned by Christian Gafner . It’s evident that a ‘real’ planner played a part in this as the plan is so solid and consistant. Another tremendous in addition to is the fact that the MIH Watch is being produced by Paul Gerber , perhaps the best watchmaker and AHCI member.Besides creating the MIH Watch, he also produces (among others) the Ochs und Junior watches.

The Ochs und Junior Anno Cinquanta (photograph above) even highlights Gerber’s own programmed development with 100 hours of force reserve.

That’s why I’m saying that Ludwig Oechslin made the Ochs und Junior assortment and Paul Gerber produces them. The whole assortment begins with Oechslin’s thoughts, creations, vision. Paul Gerber’s job in no way, shape or form less significant! His insight into watchmaking reflects in the quality of the MIH Watch and Ochs und Junior watches.

The Ochs und Junior assortment has a different ‘conception’ than any other watch. It begins with one of Ludwig’s  thoughts, for which he might have discovered motivation in his every day life. He’ll begin thinking, drawing and whatever it takes to discover a sollution that doesn’t need to add some additional pinion wheels! What’s more, this is likely why Oechslin’s watches are so remarkable… a decent blend of detail and plain straightforward logic.

After the primary thoughts are oin the sketchbook, Oechslin builds a model, in his own storm cellar, that will be altogether tested. If the prototype works, it  will go to the following fase, the ‘idea’ fase. In light of the model, this  watch will be made and it will as of now be available to be purchased. Take for example the most up to date ‘idea’, the Ochs und Junior Luna Mese idea.

Starting soon a few Ochs und Junior models will be delivered in a titanium case, with a comparative breadth as the MIH Watch (42mm) yet because of various development the case will be not as thick. By utilizing titanium cases and utilizing metal in stead of white gold for the dial and a few other parts, the cost will be decreased significantly.

A pleasant ‘thouch’ for this new assortment is the alternative to pick your own dial tone. Of each pantone shading close to 5 pieces will be created, so remember this in the event that you need a dark dial.


During Baselworld 2009 the thought of  ‘A night with’ was imagined and after over long term of centering our thoughts, the primary ‘evening with’ occurred on Friday the 24th of September.

The thought to arrange a night where watch devotee meet watchmakers or delegates of a brand isn’t new obviously. These sort of nights will (ideally) be a lovely encounter for those included and furthermore create media consideration for the watchmaker/brand.

An evening with needs to offer a bonus, both for the visitors and for the watchmaker or brand. The visitors are on the whole genuine authorities who as of now have an intriguing assortment and who are truly inspired by the artistic work of watchmaking. What’s more, in light of the fact that ‘A night with’ centers around autonomous (haute) horlogerie, the artistic work of watchmaking will get a lot of attention.

This was the First ‘evening with’ which implies more will follow. Stay tuned to find out about the following night with.

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