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American-Built: Frost River Bags

It’s been a while since our last American-Built brand spotlight, so today we’re going getting once more into the swing of things with a brand that we found recently (however it’s been around in one structure or another for very some time)– Frost River . Ice River was founded in 2001 in Duluth, Minnesota, rapidly gaining a reputation for being one of the best purveyors of tough American-made gear on the market.

Frost River isn’t the only pack creator out of Duluth. There’s likewise Duluth Pack, a company that’s been producing hunting and open air gear since 1882. The two brands have a common history, with Frost River being founded by Steve Emerson, who was Duluth Pack’s boss designer for over twenty years prior to being constrained out of the company when Duluth fell under new management.

Steve Emerson ran Frost River for a very long time, yet had to close its entryways in September 2008 because of the economic downturn. Enter Christian Benson and his business partner Jared Rinerson. The two men moved toward Emerson about purchasing a portion of the equipment for a different venture. As talks between the two players continued, nonetheless, Emerson joked about selling the entire operation outright–an thought that Benson had not initially considered, however immediately found interesting. The two gatherings entered into genuine negotiations in December of that year, however it wasn’t until nine months after the fact that an arrangement was finally struck. In September of 2009, Benson and Rinerson set up operations and Frost River was reborn.

But the two entrepreneurs were trapped. Indeed, they had the offices and the patterns, yet they did not have the gifted specialists and the crude materials necessary to get things going. As opposed to hiring all new staff, Frost River began pursuing previous representatives, eventually hiring a portion of individuals who had lost their positions when the company originally shut its entryways. With the ability finally set up, Frost River then turned to procuring the best crude materials on the market–solid metal equipment, tough waxed cotton from a texture factory on the East Coast, and premium cowhide from Red Wing Shoes’ own tannery, S. B. Foot.

Today, Frost River offers more than 150 different items, ranging from clothing and cabin accomplices to noteworthy Bushcraft packs and bicycle bags–all made in their Duluth plant. In spite of the to some degree expansive index, the group behind Frost River is completely committed to the brand’s center DNA, focusing on the production of rough, hardwearing, American-made merchandise. How hardwearing, you may inquire? The company offers a lifetime warranty against any imperfections in the materials and workmanship, and any mileage will be fixed at a reasonable rate. The following are four of our number one sacks from the brand.

Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Pack

This is Frost River’s quintessential all-around pack, striking the ideal balance between the company’s commitment to genuine adventurers and individuals who simply want a solid sack to schlep around ordinary. At the end of the day, you can wear it to class on a work day, and out to the forested areas on the weekend. One of the extraordinary things about the design of this pack is that it is measured, so there are four different styles to look over ranging in size and number of external pockets. Over the long haul, the pack will take on a wonderful patina, with the oils shifting in the canvas material and the cowhide trim darkening to a profound chocolate brown.

Document Briefcase and Correspondent Briefcase

Briefcases are very common. Yet, not all folder cases are made similarly, and these two from Frost River are extraordinary alternatives for those of us not into the stodgy corporate look. The Document Briefcase is the easier of the two, with one enormous internal zippered pocket and a couple of organizers for storing all your stuff. The Correspondent Briefcase has a smidgen more space, featuring two fluttered front pockets and an internal slip pocket for storing a PC. Both are ideal for the day by day grind.

Curtis Flight Bag

Designed to be the ideal lightweight suitcase, the Curtis Flight Bag doesn’t disappoint. Other than the enormous central compartment for storing garments and different essentials, the Curtis Flight Bag highlights two external pockets ideal for storing a magazine or two, and an external zippered opening for securing all your important administrative work. The base of the sack is reinforced with a twofold layer of canvas, and the moved cowhide handles ensure ideal comfort.