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All New Panerai’s at 2013’s SIHH!

This year’s SIHH offering from Panerai has something for everybody! Chronicled cases, creative tech, and Special Editions intended to entice. Let’s start the week with a gander at all new Panerai’s at 2013’s SIHH. 

In the music business there is an articulation: “You can’t trick the fans”. Pundits, (and hacks like me) go the entire day looking at and finding out about new models and new brands. Now and then we’re truly fortunate and will audit a piece in the tissue , graciousness of the producer (then return it).

Sometimes we get the opportunity to go to the shops and see the pieces before they hit store racks. Now and again all we get is a JPEG document and a spec sheet. Then we expound on them. Eventually, our relationship with the watches we audit is transient. For aficionados of specific brands it’s the specific inverse; they go out and set down well deserved Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen, RMB… and so on to purchase what they like. Market influences are really solid pointers of what individuals like. Like it or not, in the course of recent years the market has spoken – and Panerai is the name it talks truly a bit.

Not needing to ‘pay for a similar land twice’ I will just momentarily describe the thought that Panerai are all muscle and no mind watches. A few authorities excuse them as style situated and lacking substance (in fact) since they are solely sports watches. It’s a simple standing to create and an extreme one to shake. Ordinary an ever increasing number of brands are entering the market for sports watches and carrying nothing to the table except for curiously large cases. Panerai is a whole lot more than that. I can scarcely think about a brand that has been so effective at weaning itself off ebauche developments with a really solid press forward into becoming a genuine in-house fabricate (indeed, I know – they actually purchase in certain developments… )

For the previous few years SIHH has been a chance for Signor Bonnati and Co. to show precisely what they are fit for on a specialized level. This year they have shown their commitment to developing through their in-house developments as well as their case materials. Through the 12 new models presented for this present year they are giving a brief look into the fate of the brand.


The Historic Line offers us a gander at four new Radiomir models. PAM00514 and PAM00515 (both 47mm cases in hardened steel and red gold separately) utilize Panerai’s in-house P.3000 3-day physically twisted movement.

While PAM00512 and PAM00513 (both 42mm cases in tempered steel and red gold separately) utilize the physically twisted P.999/1 development with 60 hours power reserve.

The alleged ‘1940’ case is named for the following stage in the verifiable advancement of the Radiomir case from the first 1936 plan to the more tough 1940 rendition. The ‘new’ cases have strong horned drags and pass on the Brevet style crown in lieu of a screw-down crown particularly suggestive of a Rolex crown. Each of the four have sapphire on the top and base. Each of the four have seconds at ‘9. The 47mm models have date windows at three.

All four of these models owe their reality in the line-up to the accomplishment of a year ago’s models Special Edition models PAM00398 and PAM00399.  Though the developments are not the alluring Minerva units, the cases, dial designs (excepting the date work on a manual breeze Panerai  – which initially showed up first on a year ago’s PAM00424) are pretty much the same.


The Contemporary assortment for 2013 adds three new Fly-Back chronographs.  PAM00524 and ‘525 are 44mm (spotless and rose gold individually) ‘1950’ styled cases (complete with their brand name crown-watch) lodging the spic and span type P.9100 movement.  The P.9100 is a recently evolved in-house, 37-gem, programmed development with 3 days power save, vertical gripping system for the chronograph and Fly-Back chronograph work. It includes a date at 3 and consistent seconds at 9 o’clock. The press button at 10 beginnings and stops the chronograph and the pushbutton at 8 resets the flyback capacity to nothing and takes into account it to proceed with another planning cycle without stopping.

To attempt to keep the dials as basic as conceivable the standard Panerai pattern dial enlarged by minute graduations between the brief markers and hours.  This takes into account the chronograph times to be perused generally rapidly and easily.

Next is the Regatta with more lively looks: it’s the PAM00526, a 47mm titanium Regatta watch including the P.9100/R type development. The ‘526 exchanges date for a 12 hour aggregator situated at 3 o’clock and a Regatta commencement clock. The fly-back chronograph works a similar route on the 526 as it does on its slipmates, anyway there is the inquisitive orange catch at 4!

The orange catch moves the moment hand of the chronograph back one moment for every snap. This takes into consideration the chief to set the right time until dispatch and have it commencement. The dial on the 526 contrasts from the 524 and 525 by adding a scale for figuring speeds in tangles and orange minutes throughout the previous five minutes of the commencement timer.

You will discover sapphire gems outdoors and beneath deck on the two watches – just the precious stone over the dial is covered with an antireflective layer.  The PAM00524 and PAM00525 are appraised to 50M water opposition. The PAM00526, attributable to its nautical theme, is evaluated to 100M.


This year’s Specialty offering is the PAM00530; a 47mm titanium, ‘1950’ style case lodging the P.2006: 8-day manual breeze development that includes a rattrapante capacity and force hold marker, that’s it in a nutshell?! Indeed, and we previously showed it to you 2 months prior, click here .

The rattrapante, otherwise called “split-seconds” is a capacity that permits you to time two separate events. For instance, two of your ponies are dashing in a similar occasion this end of the week. Start the chronograph at the shooting of the gun.  (Both ponies run and run and run… ) As the end goal approaches you press the stop button and the main recycled stops! Then as your subsequent pony approaches you stop the seconds again and record BOTH completing times.

Example two: You are dashing your new track-day vehicle this end of the week (question:  in the event that you have sufficient cash for two race ponies and a committed hustling vehicle – does it truly matter if it’s a work day or end of the week?). You need to time singular laps AND your general time: by and by – as the race begins, set off the chronograph. At the point when the principal lap closes, note the time then hit the reset button. One of the hands keeps timing from the earliest starting point – one is right away reset to time the lap. (Presently support yourself since such an excess of tinkering with a watch implies you’re going to go into the divider at HIGH SPEED!) You see – a viable feature!

Special Editions:

Think of this as the “Fans Only” area. You need a Special Edition watch? You must be a known client – a considerate method of saying – “you’ve purchased stuff previously… heaps of stuff!” Special Edition watches are ‘Store Only’ things. They are just made in restricted numbers and apportioned sparingly. From what I can gather – the aim of the Special Edition watches is to compensate the loyal with pieces that won’t be imitated. Every Special Edition watch sold is recorded at the store and the proprietors name is enrolled with Panerai. From my experience you can’t ask that a Special Edition watch be sold as a “blessing” or with (alleged) ‘open’ papers so you can sell the watch and have the purchaser’s name recorded.

The framework is set-up to incorporate prompt store into the entirety of the Special Edition models that has the unintended result of making the watches the objective of less faithful purchasers and merchants. As you might have gathered from past letters – I don’t actually prefer to examine costs – this is no exemption. What I will say is that on the off chance that you truly need to purchase a Special Edition watch – take out your checkbook and begin spending now since you will have to purchase up a nice number of ordinary creation watches to be anyplace close to the highest point of your seller’s assignment list! (No need to relive that, got the caps, shirts and watches to demonstrate it.)

First up:  PAM00364 – the Son of Subzilla. In the event that we set the Wayback machine to 2004 and 2005 we can review the model PAM00194 – otherwise known as the ‘Subzilla’ the 47mm, 2500M sub with it’s thick bezel. This year Panerai honor that unbelievable model with the ‘364.  Model ‘364 is a 47mm, titanium, ‘1950’ style case – complete with thick bezel. The watch is evaluated for profundities up to 2500M. This time around, the Subzilla is fueled by Panerai’s in-house P.9000 programmed development with 3 days’ force hold. Just 500 will be delivered and sold for this present year, so line-up ahead of schedule at your neighborhood boutique!

Next up, the PAM00508 – Luminor Submersible. Picking up where any semblance of the model PAM00024 and PAM00025 left off, the model PAM00305 has been an electrifying creation watch for Panerai flaunting it’s in-house P.9000 development versus the OPIII development which is gotten from the 7750 development. A Regatta form of 2 years prior was fitted with a GMT hand and blue dial (PAM00371). The new(ish) PAM00389 gave Panerai’s all in-house 300M jump watch a dash of current tech with an artistic bezel embed that would oppose scratching! The all new, PAM00508 is an all-fired adaptation of the ‘305, ‘389 and ‘371 style models; mark the crates for 47mm ‘1950’ case. Mark the case for P.9000 development’s 3-days power save. Check the crate for a level dark dial that coordinates the fired of the case – this time add vintage, ecru hued lume and matte dark hands to complete the ‘secrecy’ look. Exceptionally light weight and scratch safe. Try not to drop it – it will  shatter!

The last wristwatch is the model PAM00507: Luminor Submersible ‘1950’, three days power-save Automatic Bronzo – otherwise known as ‘Child of 382’ or ‘Child of Bronzo’! Discussion about a watch intended to show its age! The new Bronzo, similar to the incredible PAM00382 before it was slashed from a square of CuSN8 (for those of us not up on our occasional table of components – that implies Copper and Tin composite). This makes the watch thick and substantial. It additionally implies that as the watch is placed into creation it will give indications of maturing versus it’s copper voting demographic that will oxide into a patina over the long run and openness to the components. This is proposed to give each and every watch it’s own interesting appearance. The other component that makes the ‘507 novel to the current year’s line-up is the level green dial; just at any point seen before on the ‘382! The crucial distinction between the ‘507 and its archetype the ‘382 is the presence of a force hold pointer on the dial. Additionally unique is the number made accessible: 1,000 units to be sold of the ‘507 versus 500 of the ‘382.

The last Special Edition piece isn’t a wristwatch; it’s a pocket watch. Model PAM00446 is a 59mm clay watch with a skeletonized development highlighting Panerai’s P.2005/S 6-day power-hold, tourbillon development with GMT and 24-hour marker. The watch is even ensured pressure impervious to 30M!  (I don’t remember Cousteau truly wearing a petticoat when he jumped – yet it just might not have been the style back then!)

Here we see Panerai return the tourbillon to its regular natural surroundings! Initially developed to compensate for the way that pocket watches sit upstanding for the majority of the day – the tourbillon utilizes its turning enclosure to compensate for the impacts of gravity. Panerai’s understanding of the gadget is an escapement turning unreservedly on one plane each half moment; that is then taken and pivoted on an opposite plane to the development itself!  This implies that the rotational inactivity made isn’t in one round vector but instead circularly! Theoretically this will permit the tourbillon to compensate for mistakes caused in ‘any’ position not simply upright.

I won’t stay here and say that the styling of the ‘446 is quiet or exquisite, the expressions ordinarily connected with pocketwatch esthetics. It’s genuinely large. It’s on a thick dark artistic chain. In dark and ecru it’s sort of otherworldly. The skeletonized development (additionally dark) looks something likened to the structure of some sort of outsider’s ribcage… like the lady on front of Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s collection, “Cerebrum Salad Surgery”… it won’t be some tea. Be that as it may, the tech behind it is verifiable: everything from the introduction, to the materials utilized, to the resourcefulness behind the 277-component development is first rate.

* * *

Panerai put intensely into the designing and creation of these pieces. Not a solitary development used is fashioned from outside hands. The usefulness and highlights will engage all around behaved, dynamic people. The themes of each case and each dial are a similar heard all through the Company’s set of experiences. Will Panerai keep on being hounded by cases of brutish looks and old tech? Maybe, however not by their fans, the Paneristi, who will probably understand this and cheer loudly.

This article is composed by Mario Squillacioti, contributing author for  Monochrome-Watches .